Our Short Incarnated Lives

Most People, WHO during their Short Lived Incarnated Lives, under the Tight Grip of Illusory Material World Glamour, thus Foolishly WASTE their Entire Life Time Period Totally ENTANGLED in Physical World Aspects, which are related to its Mundane Worldly affairs, rather than their EVOLUTIONARY GOAL of SPIRITUAL Consciousness expansion of their ”ETHEREAL CHAYAH BODY” [CAUSAL BODY], and they Innocently do such Grave MISTAKE, because they are TOTALLY UNAWARE OF THIS ‘’UNIVERSAL FACT’’ that their ‘’Physical Body Form Existence’’ in the Dense Dimensional Plane World of ASSIAH is Incarnated Only for the Main Purpose of their ‘CHAYAH BODIES ‘’ETHEREAL MATTER’’ CONSCIOUS EXPANSION’, Which as per the Evolutionary Plan and Purpose is related to the DESIRE MIND REFLECTIONS OF THE ‘’UNKNOWABLE MOST HIGH’’, OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, and for this Very Reason, as per the Evolutionary Plan and Purpose of the MOST HIGH, their Evolving ‘’SOUL MIND’’ has sent a Very Tiny Portion of its Own Vital Ethereal Matter as its ‘’CONSCIOUS EXPANSION INVESTMENT’’ in the Dense Physical Plane World of this Planet Earth, to Temporarily exist as the ‘’PERSONALITY MIND CONSCIOUSNESS’’ Embodied in a Incarnated Human Form for a SHORT and Limited DURATION, so that through its SPIRITUAL ACTIONS and REACTIONS in Physical World, it can achieve its SPIRITUAL GOALS by attaining the REQUIRED SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES in the Dense Dimensional worlds of this Planet Earth.