The Incarnated Human Being

If the Incarnated Human Being after being Born with an INDIVIDUALIZED PERSONALITY MIND in the Dense Physical Plane Forgets His SPIRITUAL GOAL, and gets His Desire MIND Entangled in the Illusions and Delusions of the Material World Glamour, which are Related to His Lower or the ANIMAL MIND PASSIONS, then it can Negatively Affect His RUACH Body [Astral Body], which Exists in the Magnetic or the IONIZED Dimensional Plane of YETZIRAH, and if He continue to Stay PERSISTENTLY POLARIZED in these UNQUENCHABLE DESIRES of the LOWER MIND then He unknowingly can Permanently MALIGN His RUACH BODY [Astral Body also known as Dream Zone Body], and Eventually Cause the ‘’Evolving SOUL’’ to Permanently LOOSE its Segmented INVESTMENT, and then gets SEVERED as ‘’POLARIZED PERSONALITY’’ to Slowly Degenerate by becoming a GHOST or an UNDEAD BEING, and then for its Unquenchable ‘’WANTS and NEEDS’’ to be Illegally Captured by Ruthless and Deceitful, who through LEFT HAND PRACTICES are SIMILARLY STUCK THEMSELVES FOREVER in the Dense Dimensional Plane Worlds, and in Many Rare Cases if the ‘’PERSONALITY MIND CONSCIOUSNESS’’ Embodied in a Incarnated Human Form Becomes Totally ‘’EVIL’’ in the Physical Plane World, Creating those Actions and Reactions which are Totally Contrary to the Spiritual Agendas of ITS HIGHER SELF, known to all as the ‘’SOUL’’, then it may also Negatively affect the VITAL AREA OF THE ‘’CHAYAH BODY’’, where it is connected at the STARTING POINT in the Higher Dimensional Plane of BRIAH with the Extending SILVER CORD of Vitality, which Connects all the Manifested Bodies of a Human Being with it, which Exist Manifested in the 3 Dense Dimensional Plane Worlds of this Planet Earth.