War and Dis-Information “Propaganda”

U.S. officials often say Assad is a leader who has gassed his own people, a charge the government denies, and the world exclusive months later, proved that the FSA rebels, funded by the west and Saudi Arabia/Qatar to topple Assad, were the ones who used sarin gas killing hundreds of children, women, and young men. Just as the repeated propaganda of Russian military forces as its fact, despite still NO evidence, NO photos, no SATELLITE image- nothing. Knowing corruption has consumed the highest ranks internationally, we should question everything with known facts and think.
The war has killed some 200,000 people and displaced close to half the population, according to U.N. figures. Damascus accuses its Western and Gulf Arab opponents of seeking to destroy the country by providing aid to an insurgency now dominated by jihadists who pose a threat to the West. Between all of this is the neocon US PNAC / Israeli CLEAN BREAK FROM THE REALM ACT, which is the true force behind the “War of Terror” or GWOT, Global War of Terror. The World is at war. War is in every nation as the corrupt forces have been hard at work reshaping the New World Order. Huge shifts and resistance and evolutionary understanding is continuing its growth, just as a doctor is doing all that he or she can, despite the fact that you took away all the tools and healing medicinals to truly do whats right. The Universal Law is the “Will to Do Good”. The United States is planning to train and equip rebels to fight Islamic State.
Assad says he is already being kept abreast of the U.S.-led air strikes in Syria via third parties including Iraq. “He cannot reunite Syria. If we cave in on that it will not fix the problem,” said one Western official as quoted by Reuters news 3/10/15.

The senior U.S. State Department official said: “We maintain our firm belief that Assad has lost all legitimacy and must go. There can never be a stable, inclusive Syria under his leadership.” The War on Syria and Iraq part III is #PNAC neoconservatism at its worst, joined in political military wicked torture & mass illegal surveillance is dividing and destroying, sending jobs overseas to slave labor for “globalization”