Be Aware FDA Approves GMO Apples And Potatoes

You may be unaware of the announcement last November that the first genetically modified #potato had been approved for planting — a move that we knew would lead to full scale approval by the alphabet agencies (FDA, USDA, EPA). The potato, along with the new #GMO #apple , is designed to be resistant to browning through alteration of its natural enzymes.

Let us not forget that it was back in February of 2012 that Bloomberg revealed the special ‘speedy approval process’ behind GMO crops that the USDA was implementing. In other words, special exemptions for biotech giants like Monsanto.

We simply don’t know enough about RNA interference technology to determine whether GE crops developed with it are safe for people and the environment.
Now that these produce items have officially been signed off on by the FDA, we enter yet again a new age of genetically modified crops that top experts agree will cause ‘global consequences’ that we do not yet understand.

The apple is genetically modified to not turn brown after being cut.
Polls show that almost 70% of Canadians did not want this GM apple approved. Just like the American government the #Canadian gov’t doesn’t listen to the voice of the people.

Beware when you eat out and what you being home to your families- these food-like products are not tested yet authorized and beyond that nightmare- filled with pesticides which are immunity lowering. Beware.