Geo-Engineering (chemtrails) Over Crookwell and Sydney City “VIDEO” Showing In real Time ( not a conspiracy theory any more )

Geo-engineering In Australia: Our land scape is being sprayed with, Strontium barium aluminium Nano particles (all toxic and Poisonous)

Do you think it’s by chance Monsanto has developed an Aluminium resistant seed??

They are blasting our land, crops, rivers and animals with these compounds so that nothing will be able to grow and nothing will be deemed as “ORGANIC” and farmers will be forced to buy “MONSANTOS SUICIDE SEEDS” locked into their seed pricing scheme.

GMO food and seeds are toxic and destroy the immune systems in humans, the BT toxins explode the stomachs in little honey bees, which pollinate our world. Without bees we DIE we won’t have pollination which means we will only have MONSANTO who proudly brought you “AGENT ORANGE” and Round up pesticides which is full of Glyphosates which, makes us humans Infertile, increases cancer by 10x, causes hundreds of allergies and neurological problems birth defects and de generated our DNA.

Its simple Humans are not meant to be eating poison, or having it sprayed on our food. This is possibly the biggest problem facing our farmers, our food supply and our world. Right now. Monsanto was voted the world evilest corporation last year and there is no wonder why.

Now they are joining forces with the Fake Geo-Engineering program which is really AGENGA 21 Cloward-Pivon Population control, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and your loving 1/10th of 1% super rich elite families who want “the feeders” you and me, culled to an amount of under 500 million. You don’t believe me look up “Georgia Guide Stones” and multimillion dollar monument stating their plan. People are waking up worldwide and together we can stop this threat.  We are the 99% dont forget that…


Hera are 5 Conclusive movies, and congress meetings talking about the dangers of Chem Trails….

Its not a Conspiracy theory any more