Study Shows “Nature Significantly” helps In Overcoming disease

A study by Roger Ulrich, Ph.D. points out that attention to architectural details in a hospital setting, including building in elements of the natural environment, very significantly impact healing outcomes for patients. This includes having appropriate art, soothing music, and having plants around for a natural naturistic healing boost.

If you’ve ever had to stay in a hospital for any length of time, you can likely remember the agonizing blandness of those four white or grey walls, accompanied by tasteless curtains and a dreary window that often looks out over a parking garage or another building in a hospital’s complex. It’s enough to make a sane person crazy.

Psychological peace is absolutely essential for healing to occur. Even just angling a bed toward a window instead of toward a boring wall can make a huge difference.
Instead of feeling like you are trapped in a mental ward when you have to get a tonsillectomy, you can feel more like you are visiting a spa. Experts in the field of neuroscience have discovered that music boosts mood, which changes how our body reacts to stress, and even ignites some interesting chemical responses to help it fight foreign invaders like viruses and unwanted bacteria.

The future can evolve only if we choose to. Its well known scientifically how a simple walk in nature de-stresses the mind and body. Instead of thoughtless boring design and function- a real holistic healthcare facility can grow with harmonic binaural pitches and even an organic herbal garden to cheaply heal naturally. Imagine… #nutrition #health #organic #hospital #doctor #nurse #truth #vegetarian #vegan #health #healthcare