The Anasazi -the “ancient ones” of the west

They lived at one with nature. and they learned that certain plants provided food, medicines, and survival. They moved often with the intimate knowledge of the four great rhythms and patterns of the natural and spiritual worlds [Physical, Astral/emotions, Vital ethereal, mental]. They were master weavers making blankets, baskets, and hats from reed. They recorded their travels in stone, sanctifying there stay. They planted crops of squash, legumes, and corn as master farmers. “Corn was given to us by the creator. Taken from the breast of our earth mother.” They were master builders with the most complex engineered structures aligned with the equinoxes and solstices. The people watched the skies and knew the times of sun and moon.


ORIGIN : by the Anasazi -the “ancient ones” of the west. “The creator speaks through the rocks and stones, the singing moon and the great breathing mountains, everything is alive,
living spirits of our ancient ancestors.

In the beginning there was only the creator and the dark infinite void.

3 previous worlds were created and then destroyed by fire, ice and flood. Those with one heart with the creator were saved, protected by the underground world by the “ant” cave people. They showed us respect and harmony and love.

Finally the last great flood subsided [Atlantis destruction].
From the bowels of the earth we climbed up into this.. the fourth world. The dark purple light rises in the north. A yellow light rises in the east. Than we the flowers of the earth come forth to receive a long life of joy. As we emerged the god of the underworld and caretaker of this new land, gave us different. languages and colors of skin, he commanded “four great directional migrations” [like Eziekel’s dream in Judaism]. You must separate said the creator. Than you will come together again at the center of the universe. We met a great Eagle…he said he is the master of air and height- representing our spirit.

Our universe is divided into 2 realms. The upper world of the living and the lower world of the spirits”. “The underground kiva symbolizes the womb of our earth mother. Here we rejoin the living spirits of our ancestors. In the kiva we come together and call to the ancient ones. We ask them to RETURN as CLOUDS, bringing precious moisture to our fields.The path of the sun traces our world of life. The perfect circle of light and dark of life and death.

All things are connected. Our ceremonial rights create the seasonal rhythms and the movement of the cosmos.
The song resounds back from our creator and sounds and resounds for times to come.

Our daily life is like prayer, “Constant quest for balance and harmony”