Electrical Currents, Mobile Phones, Wireless Internet, DNA, RNA, Schumann Resonance, What are these frequencies Doing To Your Health?

Schuman Resonance

Frequency & vibration! Microwaves, mobiles phones, wireless devices linked to TUMOURS & CANCER IN THE BRAIN.

We are surrounded by these growing number of frequencies around us, causing illness and death to humans, birds & bees.

The proof is all around us, you can do some simple tests to see how exposed you are, then you can take some measures to protect yourself and your family, then I think we all need to start taking legal action against the owners of these towers.

Do we really need all these mobile phones, seriously lets be honest our lives are far more stressful with a mobile phone than when we did not have one, i am old enough to remember the days i was growing us, i remember playing outside with clear blue sky , i remember winter to be winter, spring to be spring, autumn to be autumn and summer was always a good time, hot and fun, we use to play out, build things, explore, friends would get together to socialise, play sports, it was fun times, now all i see are computers, kids these days have no idea what is its like in nature, we are consumed with gadgets and computers that keep us away from what is real and meaningful, i think we all need to stop and take a good look at our lives, what is important and how we can all build a better world for the sake of all children.