Noticed Something strange happening in the skys here in Sydney?? This is Called Geo-Chemical-Engineering and you dont want to know what its doing to your health

By now most Australians have no noticed the Geo- Chemical-Engineering ( chem trails ) which are a part of The U.Ns Agenda 21. The war has reached our door steps and it is a sceintific take over. The targets are our food, water ,air and vaccinations this is the method for global population control. Check our nano Particles and see what they are doing to our bodies when injested.

Monsanto the corporation who proudly brought you Agent Orange who is now in control of our seed supply is working on an aluminium resistant seed. Which will mean the will spray over all organic farms which will kill off the produce which will mean farmers are forced to buy Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Seeds and their pesticides which are proven to cause cancer and a whole host of other diseases and issues. The glyphosates are linked to all kinds of cancer. Monsanto was given the award last year, the most evil corporation on the face of the planet.

NO doubt they are involved in this new phenomenon in our skies. Time to ask our parliament and get answers to why we are being sprayed with chemicals


Our food, water and now the air we breathe is being poisoned. These are conclusive videos explaining geo-Engineering chem trails and the hidden dangers from the Governments black projects which are going on now in sky’s in Australia. No doubt you have noticed the strange cloud formations and strange weather patterns. Or even the fact your grass and garden is struggling to grow as it has done in previous years. This is due to the high aluminium content of the Nano Particles or “chaff being released from these planes. This is make the soil more alkaline in some areas the aluminium content has increased by 10,000x and we know aluminium is a major cause of many neurological diseases and Alzheimer’s.


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