The BRICS, Led by China, Are Making a Scientific Revolution; It’s Time to Rid the U.S. of the Culture of Degeneracy

This week marks the formal launching of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), with 46 nations, including all of the leading nations of Eurasia, signing on to the China-led initiative. Many of the nations joining in the AIIB are unaware, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized in discussions with colleagues on Tuesday, that the Chinese are in the process, with other BRICS nations, of bringing an end to the global system of empire, and, even beyond that, of superceding old notions of sovereignty to forge a true community of principle, based on the common aims of mankind.

Above all else, LaRouche emphasized, China is leading a scientific revolution, to elevate mankind, to take on the mission of the great 17th-Century scientist Johannes Kepler, who advanced modern science, on the shoulders of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, by situating man’s creative discoveries within the Solar System as a whole. By reviving the extra-terrestrial imperative, through an advanced space program, China is, in effect, leading a new global Renaissance.


LaRouche emphasized that true science–in stark opposition to the reductionist, pragmatic nonsense that passes for conventional mathematical science today–deals with mankind’s creative capacity to forecast a future for the planet, in the Solar System, and, in so doing, change mankind’s behavior. Only man, among all the living creatures, has the capacity to invent the future, and realize it through scientific discovery.

This is the challenge that has been taken up by the BRICS nations, and particularly by China.

LaRouche cautioned that there are lunatic, desperate forces, that will attempt to destroy these bold initiatives. They must be defeated. That means, for starters, that President Obama must be removed from office now–before he starts a world war in order to save Wall Street and the British empire. Their policy is to eliminate 80 percent of the human race, in a succession of perpetual wars. They are attempting to start a “limited” thermonuclear war in the heart of Eurasia–to block the BRICS momentum and to destroy both Russia and China. LaRouche cautioned that these lunatics are so disconnected from reality, and so incompetent, that their efforts could very well lead to human extinction.

Beyond Obama, Wall Street, and London, both Saudi Arabia and Israel are mad instruments of the empire, and must be destroyed, as well. No sane person can allow the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu or Saudi King Salman to start an endless war, all on behalf of London and Wall Street’s desperation to stop the BRICS new paradigm, literally through mass kill.

While “practical people” reject the idea that Obama can be removed, or that the power of Wall Street can be brought down, LaRouche recommended that the great poet-historian-scientist William Shakespeare is a perfect place to start, to cure the disease of pragmatism and the effects of the worse-than-banal culture that has enveloped the trans-Atlantic region for all of the 20th Century. In all of his histories and tragedies, Shakespeare identified the successes and failures of mankind, always providing a scientific diagnosis of the deeper cultural processes driving nations and peoples. “Shakespeare,” LaRouche declared,”was better as a scientist than most scientists of the 20th Century. He was a master of the science of human behavior.”

“You cannot defeat an evil culture through practical ethics,” LaRouche warned. “Popular opinion is the destructive force of evil.” LaRouche singled out the Bush Family as one of the central sources of evil in the U.S. for much of the 20th and all of the 21st Century to date.

By rooting out the Bush treason, by removing Obama from office now, by shutting down the Saudi and Israeli diseases, we can pave the way for the BRICS nations to launch the kind of scientific and cultural renaissance that is now urgently needed, to steer mankind away from the suicidal course it is now on.

That is the challenge of the moment.


Almaty Meeting Completes AIIB Articles of Association; 46 Nations Apply as Founding Members

With representatives of the 30 nations that have been so far approved as the founding members of the China-led AIIB, attended the third AIIB working meeting at Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the past two days, and reported that the articles of association have now been drafted. As of Tuesday’s deadline, 46 nations have applied to become founding members. The final tally of approved founding members will be confirmed by April 15, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, according to the Global Times. The new bank is scheduled to commence operation by the end of 2015.

Sweden, Norway, and Kyrgyzstan were the last three countries to apply for the founding membership status. This came after Egypt, Finland, and Russia had announced their intention of joining the AIIB as founding members on March 30. With dozens of nations from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, including some of the world’s major economies, ready to join the China-led bank, the Global Times pointed out, that the US and Japan have opted not to apply for founding member status.

The AIIB was initiated by President Xi Jinping in 2013. Founding member nations have the right to create the governance and operating rules for the bank. Countries that join after the deadline will have voting rights only, with less say in the rule-making process. The original agreement signed by 21 countries in October, 2013, at the time China announced it, said that voting rights in the bank will be allocated based on a country’s relative gross domestic product (GDP), but also taking into account diverse other factors.

The main purpose of AIIB is to promote economic development, create wealth, and improve the interaction of infrastructure in Asia. The authorized capital of the bank will amount to $100 billion. Estimates from the Asian Development Bank suggest that Asia will need $8 trillion in national infrastructure and $290 billion in regional infrastructure through 2020 to develop an inter-connected infrastructure in Asia that would facilitate continent’s long-term economic growth.