What would it be like if the Australia was war torn like Syria? Would the world then feel for the little innocent children dying?

Something to think about why you are sipping your coffee in the comfort of home or local cafe.
We are so lucky here in Australia by far the safest country in the world. Meanwhile overseas there is Madness going on in almost every country. We “The West” are the true terrorists, following the U.S Lead coalition invading and attacking every free country on the face of the planet in some way.

Running Proxy wars to profit corporate greed and install global tyranny throughout the east,( divide and conquor ) while at the same time using “terrorism” as a means to take away the freedoms from the people living in the west “new spy laws, new terrorism laws, crack down on free speech, internet crack downs, harsh penalties for whistle blowers” While installing a sense of fear into the public of terrorism which the West created in the first place.

Most law abiding citizens living “in the Maxtix” don’t realises that ISIS “al Qaeda” re named, was created by The C.I.A and THE RAND CORPOERATION in giant think tanks, heavily funded By Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The U.S, and Trained by Us troops in Egypt, then let loose to separate and destroy the governments of the remaining free eastern countries , slaughtering hundreds and thousands of christians and innocent people. ISIS is used as a destabilisation tool by the west. Nothing more than a weapon for warfare. The west needed a new enemy so they created one literally.

Our media is full of nothing but Nazi style propaganda, lies and dis information, everything is screened to fit into the globalists “agenda”

We have been brainwashed by so many movies and video games of war, that we are almost desensitised to the real atrocities happening globally, right here right now on planet earth and are lead to feel we can do nothing to stop or help it. That’s how they want us to feel, useless…. how can one person help. Take a Look at Brazil when they protest millions take to the streets, that’s people power that’s the 99% coming together to fight tyranny.

It’s time we wake up smell the blood stained coffee and realise we have a voice and we need to stand by each other and not let our retarted politicians make the decisions for us, EG: involving ourselves in these wars. The information is out there, the internet is full of information showing what is really going on in our world. Watching channel 7, 9 10 CNN, Fox News and those major propaganda machines, which have some of the lowest approval ratings, is just filling you with dis information. Turn off the TV and start doing your own research of these topics. Why do you think the globalists target worldwide, is shutting down free speech and cracking down on internet freedoms? We are winning the info war and the globalists are spewing.  The internet is UN ravelling all the lies which come out on the news. This is hurting them and they need to stop it.

This is our time here and we have the right to make informed decisions ourselves in the end we are the 99%.

America is right now pushing hard for WW3 with Russia giving lethal aid to Ukraine which is an ACT OF WAR. They have missile silos set up all around Russia “ How would you feel if an army set up navy destroyers all around Australia with missiles pointing into our country” this is no different from what they are doing to Russia.

Ukraine Is Russian Heritage and 90% of the people in Ukraine speak Russian. It is no business for the U.S to be getting involved in this U.S Funded and backed war. George Soros and his Cronies have been funding both sides of the Ukraine war 33 Million dollars already in fact, trying to get this war elevated.  Same with Syria , which is now hard because we have created an army ISIS which is now a real proper threat. Its very simple though, stop teh funding to ISIS and the war will stop. Its that Simple stop Saudi Arabi funding them and stop the US from selling them weapons and dropping weapons directly to ISIS.

If you have never heard of what I’m talking about maybe it’s time to inform yourself. Everything I have said has been documented over and over again.  I warn you though, once you un plug yourself from the matrix there is no going back. The world is waking up it doesn’t take much for you to be an informed person. Use critical thinking, understand that most of everything on the TV is dis information, don’t believe everything you read and question everything.

Follow the money trail and think about 2 steps down the road who is going to benefit from these actions. It all becomes very clear soon after. Once you get your head around the fact that the Government does NOT have your best interests at heart, then you will start to see just why these poor decision are made.

We are all human, time to throw political correctness, racism, and religion in the bin where it belongs. It doesn’t matter what race, colour, sex, religion you are its very simple you are either a good human being with the will to do good for others or you are not.

So let’s stop judging book by their covers and start focusing on what makes US HUMANS the same. We after are all humans, we are all created in the eyes of god “no matter what god you believe in”

Reach out and start spreading positivity and love to all races and all people.

Do one good deed an act of selfless kindness a day? That’s 365 acts of kindness a year multiply that by the current world population” now that’s real change” Ask yourself when was the last time you served someone other than yourself. And “getting money” is not serving others.

I’m talking a real act of kindness. Helping someone broken down in a car, opening doors for the elderly or letting someone else sit down on the train. Helping a stranger for no other apparent reason than just the will to do well. Your bank account may not be going up but your Spiritual bank account is sky rocketing and your Karma is decreasing.

We enter this world with nothing and that’s how we leave. The only thing you have is your recorded memories on your akashic record, imprinted into your DNA. This will decide where you are placed in your next life time. This 80 year life span we live is nothing but a mere drop in the ocean compared to how long we live.
This 3d existence we are living in now is just an 80 year lesson. We’re here to learn lessons and evolve, don’t waste time begin negative and worrying about others’ lives and gossip, obsessing over making money, material things and never living in the now.  Live each day as if it were your last. NO REGRETS no looking back and being up happy with where your life is not. Don’t fall into the trap of being AVERAGE. Every day you wake is a fresh chance to change everything it’s all up to you. You are the creator of your own reality. Take control of your life. Live Love Laugh smile Life’s good.

“Nate Max”