US Consulate Whistle Blower “9/11 Hyjackers Passports Issued By The C.I.A

Mike Springman, US foreign service / consulate official, 20 years at a National Press Club June 10, 2002 Washington DC. “I used to be in charge of the visa section at the CIA consulate at Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. There for a year and a half, I issued Visa’s to terrorists recruited by the CIA and its asset Osama Bin Laden. At the time I thought it was basically Visa fraud. I was ordered by the US State Dept. to shut up and do my job and ask no questions. This wasn’t simply a difference of opinion, it was basically, two Pakistani’s came to my desk for a Visa, they said they were going to America for a trade show. I asked what was the name and they didn’t know. What city is it going to be held in? They didn’t no. I said no. A few minutes later I had a phone call by the CIA case officer assigned. He said its important they get a visa and I said no. The consulate section reversed me and issued the Visas and these guys took off. This went on for a year and half. As many as 100 people got Visas by me getting over ruled on my analysis by the Counselor of Affairs and Bureau of Affairs in Washington, along with the State Department and the Justice Department.
What I was protesting was not Visa Fraud, but people being rounded up by the Agency and Osama Bin Laden, to come to the United States as “training” for terrorists, to than be sent in the war against the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. They used liquor sales at the consulate in Jeddah [Saudi Arabia] of over a million a year to fund this.
As the LA Times reported 15 of the 19 people who allegedly flew airplanes into buildings in the United States, got their Visa at the same CIA consulate in Jeddah. And according to Pulitzer Prize journalist Sydny Frezidberg, they got this through the Visa Express program. The former DEA officer told me this is common practice for their guys in South America. When I raised this to the Washington Post, the NY Times, 60 Minutes.. nobody wanted to talk about it.