why genetically modified foods won’t save the world

Most of us know to avoid them because not enough research has been done on genetically modified organisms for us to feel safe enough to consume foods that aren’t grown naturally, as nature intended. However, advocates of GMOs argue that they’re the answer to world hunger and feeding more people. The world’s food supply is increasingly put under pressure to feed an evergrowing population, making the idea of foods that can be genetically modified seem like the easy answer. Creating one food from the genes of another? Sure, let’s do it! Um, how about not?
It’s true that the demand for food is an important issue. Researchers estimate that by 2050, our food supply needs will have doubled from what they were in 2005. And guess what the main reason for that is? Meat consumption.

The Environmental Working Group has put out a report showing why genetically modified foods won’t save the world. They point out that meat production requires more quantities of crops, (corn and soybeans) to feed livestock, and as the demand for meat continues to grow, so does the demand for GMO crops. Genetically modified foods are also largely found in many processed foods on the market today because they’re inexpensive and easy to source. Corn is also grown to produce biofuels, such as ethanol derived from corn. It’s been found that eighty percent of the foods grown globally (corn and soybeans) are used for biofuels and livestock feed, not to feed people. As the Environmental Working Group puts it, “Most of the investment in GE crops ends up feeding cows and cars, not people.” Since food production occupies about 40 percent of Earth’s land area and requires more water than any other #human activity, it’s time we look at how we’re producing our food to save costs, feed more people, & ultimately not even need #GMO to start with.
Since meat consumption directly contributes to the need for GMOs, it’s best if we reduce (or better yet, eliminate) meat off our plates for good. It’s estimated that food supply would increase by 27 percent alone if people just cut their consumption in half. Adopting a #plantbased diet is the best way to go when it comes to #food production & our health. #gmo #monsanto #Glyphosates #theglobalmovement