How nutritional Therapy saves people’s lives

Nutritional therapy as an alternative option for #cancer treatment has extended life for hundreds of thousands because of the #Gerson therapy, and other very well known nutritional #health / #detox and immunity building #healthcare services. Its no secret these days, but the mainstream media has had a great time spreading the #idea that nutritional therapy is ineffective and conventional medicine is the only option.

This has gone to the point where journalists are calling for greater government censorship, of #holistic therapy knowledge spread socially.

Are nutritional therapies as an alternative to the old “cut, burn and poison” system really “quackery”? The effectiveness of #chemo in terms of its life-saving abilities has been found to be very low, which makes allegations of “quackery” quite hypocritical.

Despite not being a profitable treatment for the medical industry, the Gerson therapy has positive research to justify its use. An NCBI study on 5-year melanoma survival rates found that all 14 patients with stage I or II melanoma survived, compared with 79% of those treated conventionally. About 70% of the 33 stage III patients lived over 5 years, as opposed to 41% of conventionally treated patients.

Health freedom must be increased instead of further restricted, because it will open more doors for research and thus improvement of nutritional therapies that, unlike chemo and radiation, are non-toxic and already more effective.

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