He already has given FREE clean water to the citizens of Delhi and cut electricity in 1/2 paid by the state Unknown spiritual man fighting for Inda

The scale of corruption in modern #India is astounding. The size of bribes and kickbacks is enormous, the stories of #corruption, astonishing, and the audacity of corruption’s big players ever more apparent. India has become a great power, but it has done so without washing away the canker of corruption.

India was the richest country in the world and had controlled a third of global wealth until the 17th century. The village was the centre of a rural economy that was aneconomic powerhouse of entrepreneurialism. The #British Raj almost dismantled this system however by introducing mono crop activities and mill made products, and post independent India has failed to repair the economic fabric.

Out of its 1.2 billion-plus population, India is home to over 340 million destitute people and is the second poorest country in South Asia after war-torn #Afghanistan . Some 640 million poor people live in India (40% of the world’s poor). The drive towards neo-liberalism or “globalization” and “commercialized” urbanization has thus far been underpinned by unconstitutional land takeovers and the trampling of democratic rights. Over the last two decades infrastructure projects and privatization sell offs aquired assets such as airports, seeds, ports and other infrastructure built up with public money or sold off into private hands. The materialistic glamour of name and fame with its #greed and false ego have corrupted as it does everywhere it goes. President #Modi is building a super-speed railway, but has millions unfed and without access to clean water. First take care of your people and than worry about your bullet trains.


A young average citizen, Arvind Kejriwal, the “Common People Party” anti-corruption mascot who spearheaded the party’s victory march in February 2015, won a historic 67 out of 70 assembly seats in an unrepresented election, which saw billionaires who spent millions on TV campaigns utterly loose to an unknown Good spiritual man looking to do real good in #Delhi .
#Kejriwal was sworn in as Chief Minister on February 14, exactly the day one year ago he stepped down after 49 days in office battling corruption with no help or financial aid from the government to aid his service of cleaning out corruption, leaving him no choice. But he is back as the Chief Minister governor of India’s largest city and with his “Common People Party” for the next 5 years. Common workers have taken the offices held for over 50 years in India by the political elite. Ending special privileges and security blockades separating him from the people Kejriwal vowed to live like a common person, responding to everyone who contacts him to be a servant of the greater good. He already has given FREE clean water to the citizens of Delhi and cut electricity in 1/2 paid by the state, and some totally free. #America has yet to do this! This can be done everywhere, when you root our #corruptionand spend the national money properly for the people- significant change happens. This is a HUGE threat to the west and its hijacked “soulless” corporate entity system, running itself to doom. Kejriwal is hardly mentioned in the media for that reason. Imagine a People Party in America, taking back their lands… The Corporatacy around the world does not want you to even think about it. You probably never even heard of all this if you live in the west. “Delhi has shown that a tsunami is bigger than a wave… It is a message to those who lord over Delhi,” Thackeray said.

The reason for AAP’s landslide victory was that people were yearning for change due to “corruption” in government administration. This global trend has sent shock waves around the world with occupy, global protests against unfair austerity, education, & healthcare – people want justice… Instead of protest- #occupy the votes…..