California Judge Gives Adya Clarity a Slam Dunk Against Matt Monarch and the Raw Food World Superstore

Note: This article was previously published on this site almost 2 years ago. It was scrubbed after being read by almost 10,000 people, as is usually the case in anything published that reveals the truth about Mike Adams of Natural News, Matt Monarch, and Ian Clark.

I have spent weeks investigating the hatchet job done on Adya Inc. by Matt Monarch and Mike Adams, and on Wednesday, June 20, a judge in a California courtroom was nice enough to give me a slam dunk in terms of burying these two individuals completely beneath their own web of lies and deceit, taking with them another individual by the name of Ian Clark. That decision on the part of that particular judge has finally given my source for the Adya Clarity story, Matthew Bakos, the confidence that he needed to take these cointel operatives on publicly, and I am now able to finally delve into the full story behind the fiasco initiated by a morally corrupt group of people willing to resort to just about anything to serve the agenda of their Jewish masters of the NWO. In fact, Matt Monarch, formerly of MTV fame, is himself a jew, and I suspect the same may be said of Mike Adams if the truth were known.  The genetic markers are there, at least some of them; the close set eyes, the protruding bottom lip, and one can just see the guy in shylocks, truth to tell


For the reader to understand the importance of the latest decision in the ongoing case between Adya Inc. and The Raw Food Word Store, it is important that they know the true story behind all of it, because what has been released to the public as fact by Natural News and the Raw Food World Store has contained not one iota of truth, and yet the sheeple referring to themselves as “truthers” have taken the bait hook, line, and sinker, which lends a considerable amount of credence to my repeated contention that those involved in what is generally referred to as the “truth movement” are essentially delusional if they genuinely believe they are any more “awakened” than the rest of the sheeple still watching reruns of Seinfeld for entertainment and CNN or FOX for news.

The only “awakening” they have done is to wake up into the paradigm the NWO already had set and waiting for them, and the popularity of such sinister individuals as Mike Adams, Matt Monarch, and Alex Jones is certainly evidence enough of that. The overt and blatant attempt to destroy the Adya company because it refused to sell out and the subsequent efforts to replace it with a product that echoes with Soylent Green overtones should not go unnoticed, and the truth behind what they have done should destroy any last vestige of credibility these people have left.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the name “Matt Monarch” it is probably best that I clarify who that individual is. Monarch and his wife are, according to Monarch himself, the sole proprietors and owners of The Raw Food World Store, an online natural health food store, the largest, in fact. This particular company is joined at the hip with Natural, as it is their only shipper. The two internet companies also advertise, sell, and endorse the same products in tandem, and both were principle participants in the hatchet job done on Adya, Inc., along with another notable individual by the name of Ian Clark, who we will also look at in this analysis.



Matt Monarch’s involvement with the product referred to as Adya Clarity began approximately two years ago. Upon his discovery of Adya he dubbed it “the best product in the universe,” which arguably it is, but the point is that those are his words, not mine, and it is important to remember them as we go along, because at bottom, the attempted destruction of this particular company was just another in a long line of citizen owned companies destroyed by these NWO operatives when they refuse to sell out, only to be subsequently replaced by what can only be referred to as “big brother” companies via their endorsement on such sites as and

This time it appears bound to be an epic fail, and we had all better hope that it is, because Adya Clarity, as far as I can tell, is the one thing that alone can undo ALL of the damage they have done to us as a consequence of their chemical assault upon us that has gone on for decades, particularly via the water that we drink. Matt Monarch formerly worked for the cable television channel MTV, until what he describes as an overnight metamorphosis in which he suddenly decided to adopt a completely raw vegan diet, left MTV, and burst up on the scene as a self-appointed guru in terms of natural health and owner of the “world’s largest online natural health food” source, The Raw Food World Store. He and his wife operate their business out of Equador, where he owns 800 acres tended by maids and gardeners, which he bought with the at least 6 or 7 million in profit he made selling Adya Clarity.


Adya Clarity first burst upon the American scene as a result of the hard work of the owner of the company in America, Matthew Bakos, and his wife, as they travelled around the country attending health expos to introduce the product to the U.S. market. In 2009 at a Health Expo in Chicago, Bakos was approached by one Dr. John Gray, author of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus,” and they engaged in a conversation during which Dr. Gray learned about Adya and took some of it for himself.

Not too long afterward John Gray gave a public speech, as he often does, being a public figure, but this particular time he punctuated the end of the speech by holding up a bottle of Adya, which had nothing to do with the reason for his being there, and proceeded to inform his audience as to the wonderful nature of these ionic sulfate minerals in liquid form, and encouraged all of them to use it. That was done of his own volition, as neither the owner of Adya Inc. nor his wife had any subsequent contact with Mr. Gray following the Chicago Health Expo.That got the attention of another individual by the name of Ian Clark, who also happened to be present, and via Clark it got the attention of Matt Monarch. They seemed, however, to subsequently overlook the fact that Adya Inc. was owned by one Matthew Bakos, although they had no qualms about selling and distributing his product as far and wide as possible for substantial profits.

photo 1 (5)

Upon agreeing to allow Ian Clark to market the product, Adya, Inc. had given him (Clark) exclusive rights to the Canadian market, which he ultimately violated by marketing and shipping to various other countries. However, in June of 2010 the owners of the small but steadily growing Adya, Inc. attended something referred to as The Raw Spirit Festival in Tucson, Arisona, and this time their expo table was approached by multiple people who came specifically because they had heard that the owner of Adya was there and wanted to meet him, as the benefits and potential of Adya Clarity had become something of a phenomenon, deservedly so, and people simply wanted to meet the man responsible for bringing this wonderful product to the natural health market.

The problem was, however, that the people who approached in search of the owner of Adya were suffering from the misconception that Ian Clark was the owner of Adya, because following the discovery of Adya by this man, he had begun masquerading as the owner of the company responsible for the product itself. All of this was unbeknownst to the actual owners of the company, who got quite the surprise when multiple people began approaching their expo table in search of Ian Clark, the “owner,” or so they thought, of Adya Inc. Imagine that. You show up at a public exposition trying to establish an extremely promising young business only to find out that another individual has been presenting himself publicly as the owner of your company. That would be the end of Ian Clark and his association with Adya, Inc.

The Adya owners did, however, decide to go ahead and continue to have a business relationship with his “associate,” for lack of a better term, Matt Monarch, and trusted him (Monarch) to do the right thing upon allowing him to become closely associated with the company. They would ultimately pay a very high price for that generosity, as Monarch, working in conjunction with Adams and all of their other associates, from the “Health Renegade,” a.k.a. Kevin Gianni, to the “Health Watchmaan,” a.k.a. Paul Mason, eventually turned on the flourishing young company like a den of vipers for no valid reason whatsoever, and then proceeded to engage in a full-frontal assault to destroy the reputation and success of something the owners of Adya, Inc. have put everything into because they believe in it.


That is it in the proverbial nutshell in terms of exactly what these individuals did to Matthew Bakos and his fledgling company. What followed the discovery of Adya Clarity by these individuals who are so prominent in the field of natural health was a whirlwind of success for the owners of Adya Inc, working seemingly in conjunction with these people to serve the greater good of humanity, and with a product that arguably has more of a potential to do so than any other. They had no idea that the agenda of these men serves what we generally refer to as the NWO, and that the choice they would ultimately be left with would be one of play the NWO game or disappear into oblivion after being crushed illegitimately. The chose neither

Prior to Ian Clark’s violation of the aforementioned contract and the subsequent campaign of defamation carried out against the company itself on the part of Monarch, Clark, Adams,, Monarch and many other notable names in the natural health industry could not find words strong enough to express their appreciation and awe of the substance known as Adya Clarity, and it is interesting to note that the vast majority of that damning evidence has been completely and utterly scrubbed from the internet, which should also be another indication as to the strength of their ties to whoever is ultimately in control at the top.They mistakenly thought they could deceive the world and simply bury this company via a mountain of falsified, negative publicity. They failed to take note of the fact that Adya has the truth on its side, and an owner who sincerely believes that his product is the only thing that will save us after the elite of the world have fully implemented the destructive plans they have for the planet and its citizens. And given the desperate measures they went to in an effort to ensure that the company and the product disappeared into falsified news oblivion in conjunction with my own personal experience with it, I would have to say that it is likely he is right about that.

Following the promotion of the product by these prominent so called “health advocates,” Adya exploded in popularity, and was given rave reviews by many of the “notables” in the natural Health industry. It was so popular and well received that by September of 2011 Matt Monarch sent an e-mail to Matthew Bakos requesting that he (Bakos) “send as much as humanly possible,” a request which Adya immediately set out to accommodate.


Adya was then and always has been advertised and sold as a water purification treatment, in spite of another lie on the part of Mike Adams that it had been marketed as a dietary supplement, and as such many of those people involved in the “truth” movement were insisting that it was the most essential product one could have in stock in terms of prepping for hard times, as laboratory testing has proven conclusively that it is essentially the only product on the face of the planet that removes ALL heavy metals AND their by-products from water as well as rendering them inert, even if it is contaminated with radiation, in addition to completely re-structuring the water itself and imbuing it with all the minerals provided by the earth in their proper forms for the maintenance of human health, and it doesn’t even matter if the water you start with is raw sewage, which presents no problem for this ionic sulfate mineral solution.

It removes and renders inert as well harmful bacteria and the VOCs currently invading our environment as a result of all the fracking for natural gas. And that is nothing short of miraculous. But in a world in which the elite, if we are to believe what we hear in terms of the depopulation agenda, and the evidence is there to support the contention, have plans looming just over the horizon to eliminate the vast, vast majority of us, such a product cannot be allowed to flourish and become widely used, because by its very nature it prevents them from accomplishing that goal.

And thus the full frontal assault upon Adya Inc. when its owner refused to sell out his relationship with the inventor of the product itself, Dr. Asao Shimanishi, who suffered the same fate at the hands of NWO forces in Japan in the 1980s and nonetheless survived. In Bakos’ own words, that relationship is not for sale and will not be betrayed, no matter how many times they offer him millions of dollars.

In October of 2011, approximately one week before Mike Adams brought the proverbial hammer down on Adya Clarity by publishing an article which he touted as a “consumer alert” in reference to the product and in which he claimed, among other things, that the product had been imported as battery acid and then re-sold for internal consumption to the American public, neither of which was even remotely true, Adya owner Matthew Bakos received an e-mail from Matt Monarch in which Monarch specifically told him (Bakos) that “Quintessentials,” another natural health company, was jealous and were going to do a smear campaign to take down Adya” and replace it with a product made from marine phytoplankton, a product now being sold by Natural News, The Raw Food World Store, Ian Clark, and many, many other natural health companies.

And although they have introduced several different brands of this product publicly, none of those variations of that marine phytoplankton they have used to supplant Adya Clarity are capable of water purification, and are not even used as such. Interestingly enough, the article defaming Adya Clarity on grounds that were absolutely fabricated itself came on the heels of Adams’ associate Matt Monarch’s failed attempt to convince Matthew Bakos to sell him (Monarch) the company and thus betray his commitment to and relationship with Asao Shimanishi.


That rejection was almost immediately followed by the first Adams article in Natural News demonizing Adya Clarity, and that was the beginning of the flood of lies that have spewed forth from this NWO gimp since that very day. Once again Adams has been able to successfully mislead vast numbers of people via a completely fictitious article that actually included the links to the very documents that prove him to be a liar, just as he did recently in the purely fabricated story in reference to the feral pig “situation” in Michigan.


During the months of fawning over Adya on the part of Ian Clark, and Matt Monarch, there were various indications that they wanted at the very least to fully control the company and its product if they were unable to purchase it outright. At one point during a telephone conversation between Matt Bakos and Ian Clark, Clark informed Bakos that “we,” speaking in reference to the people conducting the business of buying, distributing, and selling Adya Clarity, “need to keep you a secret,” essentially indicating that they would prefer that there be no public connection between the actual owner of the company and the product it produced, nor any public knowledge that he even existed, for whatever reason.

They took their subterfuge to a completely different level, however, when they consulted FDA attorneys on illegitimate grounds in order to give themselves the opportunity to claim that there was an FDA investigation into the product Adya Clarity, which there absolutely was not, and if it does not raise a red flag that the very individual who purports to stand in opposition to the FDA on behalf of we the people, Mike Adams, utilizes that governmental department in his efforts to dismantle legitimate, viable, citizen owned companies, as he continues to do in his ongoing defamation campaign against Adya Inc., nothing will.


Upon the involvement of the FDA at the behest of Monarch and associates it was determined by that government entity that Adya was not labeled incorrectly, as it is and always has been advertised and labeled as a water purification treatment, in spite of the lies on the part of Mike Adams that it has been “fraudulently marketed” as a dietary supplement.In an article he published via Natural News on May 29, 2012, which, interestingly enough, was three days after I published my first article in reference to the unwarranted and unjustified demonization of Adya Clarity, Adams made numerous false claims in reference to both the product itself and the FDA findings. For one thing, he states that the raw material that the Adya product is extracted from is “mined out of the ground near Fukushima, Japan,” and we are all by now familiar with that name and the event that occurred there.

But the fact is that this statement is just another in his never ending string of lies, as Themarox is mined out of Mt. Fiji in Japan, which is part of the western half of the country, and is separated by an immense mountain range from the eastern side, which means, given the direction we all know the wind blows, they would likely be one of the last places in the world to experience any sort of fallout from the Fukushima disaster.


If you don’t believe me, get a map. It is an easily verifiable fact. And that is not to mention the fact that there are growing indications that the radiation scare that has resulted as a consequence of the Fukushima incident may itself be just another psy op to cover up some very real radiation that is leaking from reactors around the world.

Another lie that Adams is choosing to maintain as of May 29th, 2012, in spite of the evidence at hand to prove he is a liar, is the contention that Adya is under investigation by the FDA. Nothing could be further from the truth. After the initial examination of the label at the behest of Monarch and his cronies in relation to the product, that was the end of it, as the FDA found that if, and only if, the product had ever been marketed for human consumption, which it was not, then the label would have been at least partially incorrect, which it was not.

Adams has also asserted that Adya was cited by the FDA and that the FDA found the aluminum content in the product to be “high,” neither of which is true. And as if that were not enough, in one of his completely fabricated articles demonizing Adya, Inc., Mike Adams included a link to the FDA that was accompanied by instructions to the public to demand that Adya be tested for toxic metals, thus giving himself the opportunity to say that the FDA was “testing Adya Clarity for toxic metals” when in fact that only occurred because of his shenanigans, and ultimately cleared Adya of everything he had accused them of.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, that Mike Adams has reported about Adya Inc. and their amazing product has been true.
It is interesting to note that Mike Adams did not choose to become involved in all of this until his associate Matt Monarch failed to obtain the company from the people who own it, and he first did so via a phone call to Matthew Bakos himself. That phone call came about after an initial phone call from Matt Monarch to Bakos following the publication of Adams’ article on Oct. 27, 2011, in which he demonized Adya Clarity by making numerous false claims in reference to both the product and the owner of the company.

The phone call from Monarch to Bakos was a trap laid for and unsuspecting victim (Bakos), because it was very short and to the point, and consisted of Monarch asking Bakos if he would be willing to make some “label changes,” although he did not specify what changes in particular he was referring to. Bakos, however, not realizing they were baiting him, simply said, “Sure, no problem.”The very next day the Natural News headline proclaimed that Adya Clarity had agreed to undergo numerous label changes, the most significant of which was that it would be labeled not safe for human consumption, none of which was true, and which Matthew Bakos, of course, refused to do, because, as those of us who have experience using this product know, up to and including my pet pig, who appeared to be near death two days ago until I treated him with the Adya minerals and is now back to his usual self, the product is not only perfectly safe for human consumption, but is in fact the most health restoring substance we have ever encountered. When that did not work, Adams decided to step in personally.

Mike Adams, upon making that phone call to Matthew Bakos, informed Bakos immediately that he was tape recording the conversation. That recorded conversation has never been publicly released, and it never will be, because if it were the public would know once and for all that Mike Adams is a bald faced liar, and the tone he took in that conversation, which consisted mostly of yelling, would portray him in light of what he really is, as opposed to the façade presented by his public persona. Throughout the entire conversation Bakos was given the opportunity to say very little, as Adams’ just repeatedly made false accusations and yelled the phrase “You’re a liar” at him. Following that conversation Adams would come away with yet another lie in reference to the conversation itself, as he has asserted in published articles that Bakos told him that the reason he had not included the aluminum content in the labeling of the product was because he “didn’t want to.” And that is a complete and utter lie, because when asked why the aluminum content was not included on the label Bakos replied that it was because he “did not have too,” meaning that the aluminum in the product is there in such trace amounts that the law does not require that it be included on the label.


Never mind the fact that the aluminum content in this ionic mineral substance that is Adya Clarity is in its purest and most proper form as the earth gives it, and is essential to the human body in that it is what allows your gastrointestinal tract to function. Betchya didn’t know that, now did ya? And the best part about all the fuss over a trace aluminum content in Adya Clarity that can be scientifically proven to be necessary and beneficial to the human body is that it leaves Mike Adams wide open to an indictment in terms of the SOLID aluminum content in the products he endorses and sells on Natural News.


One can log onto the Store and enter the words “bentonite clay baths” and you will find that product for sale there at a price of $44 for a 64oz container. The descriptions of the product read as follows:

“Bentonite Clay Baths and Topical Applications have been used since ancient times to detoxify our skin by pulling toxic substances and metals out through the pores of our body’s largest organ.

Clay Baths are also a wonderful way to complement the exfoliation of our skin. Simply add to a warm bath, then settle in for a truly luxurious experience. You’ll feel rejuvenated and your skin will thank you!”

Given his attack upon Adya Clarity on the grounds that it contained aluminum it must be assumed that Adams, a self-declared “health advocate,” has absolutely no concept of what clay is actually made of, because if he did he would know that it does not behoove him to attack anyone else on those grounds, as the clay bath product that he is selling essentially consists of HYDRATED SILICATES OF ALUMINUM.

That is what clay is made of, and there is no getting around that fact. Nonetheless, there seem to be few among us with the good sense to do our own research and come up with the truth, and as a consequence Mike Adams has once again managed to manipulate virtually the entirety of the natural health industry, because, in spite of what the nouveau so called “enlightened” and “awakened” among us believe to be true, they are still fast asleep, or at the very least are being manipulated in a state that is somewhat similar to a lucid dream, and they need to wake the hell up. And fast. Because until they genuinely do “wake up,” are chances of coming out ahead in all of this our going to continue to diminish, and people of the Matt Monarch and Mike Adams ilk are going to continue to be successful in their underhanded and malicious schemes. This time, however, as of Wednesday, June 20, all their conspiratorial subterfuge may have been for naught, as a judge in California had the good sense to see through their latest ploy and ruled against them in favor of Adya, Inc. in reference to the question of a bond.

The attorneys representing Matt Monarch recently submitted a motion to require Adya, Inc. to purchase a $200,000 bond to cover the cost of the lawsuit should he (Monarch) win the lawsuit, which was something that Adya, Inc. simply could not afford to do as a result of the purposeful and malicious destruction of the company at the hands of Monarch and associates, which was exactly how they (Monarch and associates) intended for it to be.Had the judge found in Monarch’s favor upon reviewing the motion, the owners of Adya, Inc. would not have been able to afford to go forth with it at that price. It is important to note as well that Adya, Inc. is the one suing Monarch and not the other way around, as Mike Adams so blatantly and dishonestly claimed in an article published in NaturalNews on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

The attorney for Adya, Inc. contended that his client should not be required to purchase the bond, as well he should have, as his side is the only one with genuine truth as its foundation. The judge agreed, and that essentially leaves Monarch in danger of facing a verdict that orders him to pay the $180,000 dollars he owes Adya, Inc. for product that he had shipped to his business and agreed to pay for prior to his intentional attempted dismantling of the company that produces it based upon fabricated, misleading, and utterly malicious lies, which he has heretofore refused to pay for.


Not only has Monarch refused to pay for $180,000 dollars in product he previously agreed to pay for, he actually uses as grounds for his refusal to pay the very illegitimate fruits spawned as a result of the shenanigans of himself, Ian Clark, and Mike Adams. But, as a result of the judge’s decision, if he chooses to go forth, he now finds himself in danger of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lawsuit that he will most assuredly lose if it is carried out in a fair and judicious court room simply based upon the facts. And it is a lawsuit he could essentially make disappear if he would simply pay what he owes.That, however, would do nothing to alleviate the potential damages he would face if he lost in the other suit filed against him for defamation on behalf of Adya, Inc., which he will definitely do in a fair and impartial courtroom that makes decisions based solely on the facts, and I for one would like to see Monarch and all of his assets owned by Adya, Inc. in the very near future. There is no question that he would deserve it, and so would they, as recompense for the damage he has done, for which there is really no logical explanation. The same applies to Mike Adams, and I am quite certain that he would be in the midst of a similar lawsuit on behalf of Adya Inc. if all of his assets were not based in Taiwan, which makes it very difficult to sue him.



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