10 Of The Top Plant Based Protein Sources

When its well known and scientifically stated that an Earth Diet of High Alkaline Plant based foods, rich in VITALITY of sunlight & mineral kingdom soil. Each kingdom feeds the one above. Commercialized society in mass has created new “norms” which today are eroding. Fast food diets, dollar menus, cheap produce coated in pesticides giving cancers to you. They feed you poison with a smile. At least let the children have a chance- come on.
They feed a cruel holocaust of livestock fed to machine mouths of farm factories oozing toxic waste & feeding unsafe food-like feed to the things they feed to eat. Its horrible. How can anyone ignite that?
Blood is the essence of the soul and it is forbidden without consequences both mentally & physically.
Dead corpse meat is sold and marketed over suitable proteins why? Vegan athletes and Mr. Universe body builders have shown its possible. Cancer patients totally healed, by nutritional healing techniques and understanding spirit. You are not a physical thing- atoms and energy- you are light. The light transforms the trees and plants from little tiny seeds to flourish and be eaten, as grains and wheat bloom only right before death. Seeds can grow huge plants continuously as dead flesh is limited as it is dead. Nature is contemplation- questioning- and testing while being an observer of all going on. Educate yourself meaning never stop seeking wisdom and knowledge. Only you can find answers you seek.
Vibrate yourself well.