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Drone minds and drone hearts, in machines, corporate entities, without souls, being fed like chicken- the fallen ones.
It is easy to fall sway to emotional feeling or act upon what one “FEELS” without “QUESTIONING”.
We are taken over like puppets on a string by our thoughts and by our feelings. Since the age of the Television,
Mankind created “CREDIT CARDS”, loaning out money, to continue a society of debt, which of course is SLAVERY.
They don’t need heavy chains to hold you down. Today most come running out, in the various “FASHIONS & GLAMOUR”,
running out of school, not only wanting to be a SLAVE, but begging for it. So many fall on their faces, stuck in FALSE EGOIC PRIDE,
playing dress up and make up, drama not dharma- meaning balance of nature- meaning the heart & SOUL. International Corporations rule the world today. Presidents and world leaders are pegs on a board, given the reigns to the apocalyptic horsemen threatening WAR forever in a CORRUPT “SOULLESS ENTITY” which by nature, being a man made system, with its creators long dead, has become so corrupt that its just a soulless system. World commerce is built upon its illusory affairs and glamours. Wall Street thrives, the chemical companies smile when children eat their toxins. They laugh about it in board rooms. That is how sick and distorted in consciousness many given high positions have become in 2015. As the end continues to speed up, the Earth, in total decline, mass extinctions, pollution, AND the Man made financial collapse, “Austerity Forever” Concrete Castles of corporate Kingship, high above the peasant animals and feed. They don’t give two shits about you. The systems all messed up. the news is biased controlled. Corruption on every level. no spirit in sight. America can’t hide the police state and its localities guilty of citizen murder & betrayal of JUSTICE letting big banks like drug funding HSBC or Goldman Sachs thievery go Scott free, while young poor kids- are straight up murdered. In Chicago BLACKSITES of TORTURE were exposed. Control Alt Delete


This is the supreme truth.  #theglobalmovement