Pepsi Removes Artificial Sweetener ASPARTAME from diet Pepsi but put another ingestible sweetener instead “Splenda”

Following the wave of corporations responding to #consumer #activism like never before, #Pepsi has announced that it will be removing the artificial #sweetener #aspartame from its Diet Pepsi product. If it was not bad than why’d Pesi and other corporate bio factories fight that the population ingest it? Oops. They lied to us all and knowingly fed us #poisons and toxins.
How is Aspartame Made? 1999 Investigation Finds Aspartame is Made with Genetically Modified Bacteria’, made from an early (Neocon) Donald #Rumsfeld #Monsanto Corporation. We believe we are the consumers, but we are the consumed.
Even the senior vice president for #PepsiCo recently admitted in an interview with The Salt that no one is buying their aspartame-laden Diet Pepsi brand: “It’s literally the number-one complaint we’ve heard from diet-cola consumers as to why they’re drinking less and less diet cola…” In the past few months, we’ve seen #McDonalds announce that they will be reducing antibiotics in their livestock, #Hershey chocolate company will begin phasing out deadly high-fructose corn syrup #HFCS , and now Pepsi is removing #aspartame . But are these companies truly concerned about your health?

Instead of changing out these ingredients decades ago when the science was beginning to emerge and these companies were seeing massive resistance throughout the population, they chose to stand their ground on behalf of the bottom dollar profit margins.

With #Pepsi announcing that they will be replacing aspartame with #Splenda another indigestible sucralose-based artificial sweetener that isn’t much different, it shows their #unwillingness to actually venture towards what consumers actually want. Could you imagine if they announced a total revamp of their product with #organic based ingredients replacing their #cancer causing junk chemicals? We can help people be #healthy and reduce pharma healthcare or better known as sick-care factory and its toxic drugs.
Just because a corporation changed its ways, does not mean it cares at all for you. It supports the NEGATIVE SYSTEM of war, corrupt banking, international slavery… Don’t support soulless corporate entities.