Chemical Geo-Engineering Over Bondi, Cronulla, Oatley NSW Australia First Hand Video Evidence

Hey Guys a short video showing you a few sprays around sydney, yes its happeneing in your home town. This is pretty serious  Aluminium, barium, strontium and Nano particles all of which are no good for the health of us humans. Geo-engineering actually causing total manipulation of the earth’s climate systems heading us towards a runaway greenhouse event that will be unstoppable. These are black programs hidden by our government. Time to talk about this problem and spread the awareness. Look up have you ever seen clouds and jet streams like this before. Please share and like these videos and lates make them go viral.

Despite denials from our government, military, and scientists, this “planned” geoengineering has already been happening! Career biologists have documented 90% of wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest are dead! Bees, birds, bats, trees, even the ancient Northern California Redwoods 1000’s of yrs old are dying of this same biotech/nanotech aerosol DESTROYER!

We measured barium, manganese, aluminum, arsenic, cadnium, thorium, stontnium. chromium, nickel, iron, lead, and many other heavy metals are at extremely toxic levels and treated with nanotechnology. The sulphur option is out. We already have known for years this was a red herring, but we have it now from the horses mouth thanks to one of our scientist friends who went to the Geoengineering conference in San Diego last February and heard it directly from Bill Gates funded Ken Caldeira. BTw, he also worked at Livermore Labs with Edward Teller, which that alone should scare you.

We’ve had lab tests done of the aerosol particulates that have been being sprayed in our area and all over the globe since 2007, but we’ve documented this secret testinig started in the deserts of the Southwest and small wooded areas of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Here are the results of a few of the more toxic and suspect ingredients in this so called “global cooling” project.

Aluminum 39,000 parts per million tested, normal is 2
IRON 17,000 ppm, 0.6 max exposure limit EPA
bARIUM-2100 ppm, 2 max exposure limit EPA
Manganese 487 ppm, 0.1 max exposure limit EPA
Lead- 6.o PPM , .03 max exposure limit EPA
Cadmium 1.70 PPM , .01 max exposure limit EPA 1700 mORE
Chromium 48.0 PPM .01 max exposure limit EPA
Nickel 34.02 PPM…. , 0.2 , max exposure limit EPA
Arsenic 48 ppm, .02 max exposure limit EPA, 2000X abov

Geo-Engineering Bondi, Cronulla, Oatley

Geo Engineering Crookwell

Air force plane above Chem-Trail Jet  Filming In Real Time

Note AFP pilot says luck we were not behind him now or we would be dead.

Scientits , Doctors, Army, Navy professionals EXPOSE chem trails in Congress. Not a Conspiracy theory any more

President of The California Agricultural Defence EXPOSING GEO-ENGINEERING

Global Climate Engineering Summit

SKYSCRATCH – The Geoengineering/Chemtrail Cover Up (NEW 2014 Documentary)


More than enough Evidence..

“Nate Max”