Facebook Censorship Crack Down On Free Speech Algorithms ( you tube Vid )

First hand evidence of Facebook and googles new algorithms shutting down free speech and blocking people who are pro, liberty, freedom, choice, love, peace, oneness.

Any one promoting natural cancer cures or holistic nutrition, naturopathy, free energy technologies, herbal cures.
Facebook takes keys words than censors your posts and traffic accordingly.
Don’t forget we are only riding in their car they own the vehicle. We were lucky enough to have so many good years of great information now, you need to dig through so much dis information it’s just crazy.
This is done purposely so you really don’t know what to believe any more. Simple way to get around that (ask your higher self) your intuition never lies. It’s the best lie detector or all time, your INNATE body system is a highly tuned machine. You can ask it anything you want and get reliable answers
Hope this sheds some light on the situation for those people who have watched their traffic and likes go down to almost nothing. It’s happening not to us but to also the big Facebook sites like “the mind unleashed” “spirit science” all big guns promoting love and empowering us. I have spoken toall of these big players personally and they have emailed me and said the same thing is happeneing to them. Its the start of net nutrality. Hilary Clinton has already stated that they are losing the “info Wars” and the need to take control of the internet. Thats what Charlie Hebdo ( the paris seige ) and the Sydney Seige they were both false fllag attacks which were designed to take away our internet freedoms.





Chalie Hebdo Fake Shooting False Flag Attack Mossad Caught signrate