USA Today Calls Citizens “Conspiracy Theorists” for questioning GMO’s (Video Showing effects)

Are you in favor of labeling #Monsanto Roundup-drenched genetically modified crops with toxic pesticides built in genetically? Perhaps you’re concerned after realizing that it was in fact Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide that was linked to #cancer by the World Health Organization?

According to the mainstream media, you must be ignorant!

Here’s what outlandish presstitute propaganda USA TODAY wrote publicly: “Americans love #conspiracy theories: The 1969 moon landing actually occurred on a Hollywood set. #Fluoride in drinking water was a communist plot. Paul McCartney is dead. Elvis is alive… Burrito chain #Chipotle is the latest, following General Mills’ decision to take #GMO ingredients out of plain #Cheerios last year. The companies say they’re doing the right thing for consumers. What they’re really doing is validating #ignorance and #hysteria .” The reality is that over 90% are in favor of GMO labeling in the U.S. alone, and countless millions continue to spread the word about Monsanto’s many attacks on the fabric of humanity.

Nothing “man made” is greater than natural earth made by nature. Its a proven fact that GMO food contains PESTICIDES which are the leading cause to child allergies, mental disorders, and lowering immunity overall. Nothing good about it period. On top of it- they’re GENETICALLY ENGINEERED to grow with these toxins to speed up the farm factory process. Its a nightmare. Vitality or “life force” the reason we eat, coming from organic food is far stronger than that of GMO which has been altered. Problem is these FRANKENFOODS have been pushed cheaply into nearly everything and until one breaks free of the commercialized propaganda system and educated oneself- one will never know. Thankfully with the age of the Internet, free knowledge has sped up evolutionary thinking and reasoning. Mankind has a choice to live & thrive or be a slave, oppressed and die. Eating fake foods and living fake lives create a nation of selfie smiling drones all dressed up in the illusory glamour not knowing any real knowledge, fed lie after lie, hardening their hearts to become “soulless” as the corporate entities for which they work and live. Free your mind.

Effects Of GMO