The Ties between U.S. and Israel “special interests”

Israel holds an ancient land which upon many pray at the long ago western wall, known as the Temple Mount, which contains the Second Temple Roman wall, not the Holy Temple of the Great King Solomon which was built in the city of David. If people of the religion knew this basic fact- the entire Middle East conflict of Israel has no value, as the Neoconservative political military of the nation state of Israel / America axis already controls the holy temple area, which the land battle is centered. And the Muslims only consider one holy temple in Mecca, as even in the great Mosque all pray towards The “””CUBE””” resting in Mecca in the Arabian dessert known in the Holy Bible as the “WILDERNESS”, which also in current day Saudi Arabia holds Mount Horheb & Sinai where the old story of Moses “being a title of authority during Egyptian times”, is written, and as the Apostle Paul (whom 90% of the New Testament is written) also clearly wrote in his jail cell in the gospels of Romans.
The original United Nations law was for 3 states, Israel, Palestine, & an “INTERNATIONAL FREE ZONE” of Jerusalem- a city for all man & woman, but the early political Zionists, the day the British left, after the KING DAVID HOTEL attack by revolutionary political paramilitary sects which hijacked Israel on day one, stated in public history of Israel. The land of Israel was given over by the British when in 1917 a Rothschild “the international financiers” signed the Balfour Deceleration- and nothing to do with WW2.
The “WAR ON TERROR” was drafted straight from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own book from the late 80’s, while the 2000 Bush administration was majority Neoconservatives writing Pentagon agendas like the 1996 PNAC PROJECT NEW AMERICAN CENTURY 2001 on (or as we now know it POST 9/11), as well as CLEAN BREAK FROM THE REALM in Israel. America & Israel politically & militarily fused as one corporate entity towards World War still growing chaos every day- more and more- without end…. While destroying freedoms privacy illegally spying, indefinitely detaining, funding and arming terrorist proxies to fight war, and altering America’s foreign policy to STRIKE FIRST- a pre-crime mentality