Not everyone has the program to DO WRONG knowingly but many will to make a quick buck

Not everyone has the program to DO WRONG knowingly, but many will, to make a quick buck. Most people live as animals in lower mind desires and passions. Not everyone CAN BE WOKEN UP. Majority are so far cut off from their own HEART CENTERS that they have become totally DEVOID of COMPASSION no longer able to see or listen. They are living under FALSE EGOIC PRIDE AND FALSE WINDOWED EYES willfully or not, they CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU.

EASILY CONTROLLED they are, as their MINDS are POLARIZED in the MATERIAL WORLD GLAMOUR AND WORLDLY AFFAIRS, easily and instantly living via IMPULSE “INSTINCT” “FEELINGS” LOWER MIND NATURE rather than QUESTIONING with HIGHER MIND, which this is all about. Without COMPASSION EVERYTHING IS OVER and No Movement Matters anymore.

FORCES EXIST both male and female qualities known as the Angelic Elohims or Forces of Natures (FIRE, AIR, WATER, and the PHYSICAL DENSE PLANE) which are known as the ELEMENTAL LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS “PROGRAM LANGUAGE” seen through Scientifically Advanced Technologies to view the micro and macro picture. Matter is LIGHT in its Most Densest Form. Hidden from mankind after the Destruction of the Great Alexandria Library, was the WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE of the HUMAN RACE, as the knowledge came from every path of Earth and purposefully destroyed; it’s schools no more teaching natures truths or the spiritual sciences known.

Many have seen or witnessed “SPIRITS” yet no where in mass commercialized lifestyle and program is any real understanding given. The Few Who Question will Find the Answers as the TRUTH CAN NOT BE HIDDEN for those with EYES to SEE & EARS to HEAR. “In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?” LEARN and be AWARE of your THOUGHTS, always to live with COMPASSION as the HEART is the SACRED CENTER WORLDWIDE. Love is the Way.