Remember everything is LIGHT

Remember everything is LIGHT. The TRINITY is the literal formation of Light. Red, Green, Blue colors literally are the frequencies of LIGHT. Light is vibration and vibration is universal harmonic melancholy in resonating strings. The Physical Dense World you know. It is OUR HEART which grows as MAGNETIC FREQUENCIES emanating for miles.

As on September 11th 2001 the North Atlantic NASA Satellites picked up the exact moment a MAGNETIC SHIFT in EARTH’s MAGNETICFIELD, after the news and videos of the World Trade Center on Fire, with people jumping to their deaths, the sounds of streaking black piercing blows, destroying the nightline Sky. Our HEARTS are so strong of our invisible forces working in the ASTRAL ZONE DREAM WORLD of “EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS” in the Dimensional Sphere of LIQUID MAGNETIC WATERS. Emotion can be impulsed to literally and physically harm the dense physical form body. SPIRIT exists between HEART & MIND which is MAGNETIC & ELECTRIC, as the FIRE of MIND, given to all human beings as the attribute of REASON of FREE WILL.

The “SOULLESS” SYSTEMS mass produce bodies shoved into the rat race to break their backs and burden their souls with darkness and wasted time incarnate on our planet Earth. So many are left without knowledge and truth, but the highest truth always emerges like a candle light in a dark hallow room. LIGHT is what we are and what we give. Everyone is a human being no matter where their program system placed them in.

We all have choice at the end of the day. There have always been SEEKERS and SEERS as the so called PROPHETS and SAGES and SAINTS, the HOLY Upholders of THE MOST HIGH UNKNOWABLE CREATOR OBSERVER as the Universal Law is THE WILL TO DO GOOD.