Geo-Engineering Australia Wide Operation “Indigo skyfold”

Footage from Sydney Australia Geo-Engineering first hand evidence. Cronulla is being sprayed almost every day now, along with western Sydney. Here is some footage showing it happeneing all over sydney first hand.

Sydney siders are now exposed to a lethal cock-tail of chemicals and Nano Particles all of which are detrimental to our health and that of our children, oceans and nature. Geo-engineering is creating a runaway greenhouse effect, due to the global dimming and blanketing of our skies with pollutants.

This is a serious problem that all Australians need to be aware off. We struggle enough now to stay healthy without being forcibly dosed with many different kinds of heavy metals and poisons.
There is no regulation with these black opps programs, the members in parliament are pretending nothing is happening. The U.N United Nations banned the USA from using weather modification after the Vietnam War because they were so good and so successful at using it, so they banned it from use during war time exercises, but they never banned governments from using it on the general population for testing purposes.

These contaminates in the Geo Chemical engineering are raising the Ph of the oceans making it more acidic, killing of plankton which is a life blood of our oceans, no plankton, no life in our oceans.
We are down to less than 50% of out plankton reserves, marine life is dying off everywhere. There are huge dead spots in our oceans where there is simply no oxygen and the oceans are dead full of algae and moss which cannot sustain any life what’s so ever. This is a global epidemic and the sooner we stop these illegal programs which are designed to de populate the world the better.

There is hundreds of videos showing proof on you tube scientists, doctors, piolets and whistle blowers coming out regarding chem trails and Indigo Sky fold the operation.

Please do some research and go out in public and talk about this, get motivated and speak your truth. People you know who are in positions of power, need to hear this info so together and stop this disaster from destroying our planet and Human race. Changing this world is really up to you. We are the 99% so band together and take back control of our planet before its too late, make the most of your time on this earth. You cant take money with you to the next realm..

Nano particles are very difficult to remove from the body, but we at the Nate Max Project have a treatment that can safely remove the Nano Particulates. It’s a 5 step process, which protects you from HAARP mind control and the toxic Nano particles which are attracted to human DNA and attach themselves in your Microbiome. These Nano particles turn toxic when near mobile phone reception, dirty electricity, 3g 4ga, wireless routers ect. So unless you live in the bush away from it all it’s important to remove these things as soon as possible before the cabal try some mass trick with HAARP. Enough Nan o particles in your body if your not heathy you can contract morgellons disease.
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