Animals Sound Vibration The Light body and how we are all connected

These cows dashed over the hill and gathered around this guy playing his trumpet of sound being “Vibrations” attracting or repulsion, in this case drawing in the entire herd who gather in curiosity, just like those Evolving Human Beings, whose Desire Minds Polarized in ANIMAL PASSIONS, ARE EASILY almost instantly swayed. Many are stuck in their MATERIAL MIND NEEDS not using “Elevated Spiritual Consciousness”, like the SEERS & SAGES, humble servants, always in close contact with their HIGHER SELVES being also AWARE especially of the paranormal GHOSTS, ANGELS & DEMONS witnessed around the world which collectively were known as the HOSTS.

If we are too busy chasing the glamour and good times, its possible to miss your chance to really OBSERVE what’s going on all around you. Mankind has been given FIRE OF MIND TO REASON with COMPASSION of HEART as what is a human without heart and no more using brain- but devoid of love, lost in illusions, a drone in style with commercialized perfumes- a machine worse- an obedient cog in the PROGRAM of the corporate entities “SOULLESS SYSTEM”.

The body is just the form. You are LIGHT in both electric & magnetic. Just as water become dense solid ice, liquid water, and gaseous, so too is the form in the dense physical plane, the “feelings” in the liquid astral plane, and the gaseous electricity of MIND. Due to their NEGATIVE Polarized Lower Desires Minds filled with Animal Passions, Vices of Unquenchable ANGER, GREED & LUST many become PERMANENTLY stuck cutting themselves off. Don’t get stuck keep your head up and enjoy what you have in the short period incarnated. Do good and be good.

And look at those cows. Don’t eat them. Feed them. Take care of the innocent vegetarian animals that depend on you. If you choose to flush your system stop eating dead flesh with limited vitality and try earth foods where just 1 seed has enough vitality to bloom a whole tree of life. Learn nutrition and grow WILL POWER. The future is yours.

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