The Queen and Her Consort Respond to LaRouche PAC

On Thursday, June 24th, shortly after this website posted two direct attacks on Queen Elizabeth and her genocidalist consort, Prince Phillip, and their promotion of green fascism, an individual claiming to be British subject Kristian Brooks, began sending an obscene series of emails, numbering 80 printed pages to members of LaRouche PAC in New Jersey.

The Brooks email incident and aborted infiltration of the LaRouche movement is a notable part of an unprecedented attack, on behalf of the British monarchy, on a U.S. political organization and an associated organization in Germany. It is abundantly clear from the claims in the emails that, the individual who wrote them, is acting on behalf of British intelligence and the Royal Family, as part of a desperate effort to derail the escalating influence of Lyndon LaRouche and Helga Zepp LaRouche on the BRICS group of countries. The LaRouche factor with respect to Russia, China, and other developing nations, now representing the majority of the human race in the BRICS, presents the imminent possibility of wiping out the reign of the Anglo-American oligarchy once and for all as their monetarist empire collapses.

The series of emails, which evidence a disturbed and deranged mind, accuse members of LaRouche PAC of engaging in cultic practices. The writer bases these accusations on theories propounded by Steve Hassan, a “cult deprogrammer” and former member of the Moonies, who has recently emerged as a star player in British Crown’s years’ long black propaganda campaign against the LaRouches centered on the suicide of Jeremiah Duggan. The Moonies were a documented Bush family intelligence operation in the U.S. and in Central and South America. Hassan otherwise has a long history of attacks on the LaRouche political movement. The goal of the Duggan hoax is to defame, discredit, and harass the LaRouches in the United States and Germany in particular. Both the U.S. and Germany are critical to the success of the BRICS.

An individual claiming the name Kristian Brooks volunteered with the Schiller Institute in Germany and in the United States at various times from in 2012- 2013. After he returned to London he informed members of the LaRouche movement that he had earlier been convicted of rape and had spent time in a British prison prior to contacting the movement. Criminal convictions are common among individuals who go on to a career with Scotland Yard, or who function as sleepers in political organizations. It is clear from the emails that the writer functions both as an informant and a propagandist for hire – he invents a myriad of completely false and distorted images of the LaRouche movement, its activities, and personages. The emails also reveal the writer’s own lurid sexual fantasies. The sole credibility which one might attach to such defamatory garbage is the fact that, an individual claiming to be Brooks, managed to associate himself with the LaRouche movement.

Jeremiah Duggan committed suicide while attending a Schiller Institute conference in Germany which attacked the Anglo-American instigation of the war in Iraq in 2003. Shortly following his suicide, his family and circles associated with Tony Blair in London began a campaign centered on the specious claim the Duggan’s death was somehow the result of skullduggery by the LaRouches. A heavy and well financed international black propaganda media campaign against the LaRouches and their associates followed over the next 12 years. A central figure in the Duggan family campaign was British Lord Winfred Janner who has been publicly accused of raping and abusing children in the Parliament building, a fact which the British Crown Prosecution Service repeatedly covered up.

In 2010, after numerous and thorough investigations and re-investigations by German authorities, Germany’s highest court ruled that the family’s various claims amounted to completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. British authorities insisted on proceeding with a second inquest, nonetheless, which concluded in May. The British Coroner, Andrew Walker, ruled that Jeremiah Duggan died by running into two cars. He rejected all of the family’s various conspiracy theories that falsely implied individuals associated with LaRouche staged the entire accident scene and that German authorities covered it up. Shortly after the verdict the Duggan family once again accused German authorities of Nazi leanings for their conclusions in the case and continue to propound a theory that the German intelligence services are colluding with the LaRouches. Support for these explicitly anti-German diatribes in Germany is largely centered on the Queens favorite environmentalists in the Green Party.


Britain, The Empire of Evil, Pushes Genocide and World War

As Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrived Wednesday in Germany for a three-day visit, the truly Satanic nature of the British Empire was on full display. Prince Philip’s top aide, Martin Palmer, is the principal organizer of a French government-sponsored Paris conference in July, peddling the same genocidal program of “Earth stewardship” that would-be mass murderer John Schellnhuber inserted into the recent Papal Encyclical on climate change. The Paris conference is part of the propaganda assault, leading to the next ‘Copenhagen’ conference at the end of the year, also in Paris. The Worldwatch Institute, founded by Lester Brown, has just issued a report, demanding an end to all subsidies for fossil-fuel and nuclear power, as part of the drive for a total conversion to renewables like solar and wind power.

Any such reversal of the core principle of increased energy- flux density means mass genocide, on the scale that Prince Philip and Schellnhuber have been advocating for decades. Leading Italian economist Nino Galloni has penned an excellent attack on the recent Papal Encyclical, precisely from the standpoint of the concept of “energy-flux density” developed by Lyndon LaRouche.

The question that must be posed to all sane citizens is: Are you for the British Empire’s genocide, or are you for the human race? Are you with Zeus or Prometheus?

This is no abstract question. With the entire European financial system just days away from potential complete meltdown, around the showdown with Greece, and with a British-led NATO explicitly provoking thermonuclear confrontation with both Russia and China, the very survival of mankind is on the line.

There is no question where President Obama stands. He is a British agent, fully committed to the genocidal agenda of Prince Philip, Martin Palmer, John Schellnhuber, and the rest. Yesterday, the internationally renowned Doctors Without Borders issued a highly unusual, scathing attack on Obama, for his Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade swindle, which, the release details, will shut off affordable medicine to at least a half billion people, under the secret clauses of the treaty, written in league with the major pharmaceutical companies. This is mass murder, plain and simple, and this is Obama.

The greatest danger to human survival is the British Empire’s plan for mass genocide, as expressed by the Queen’s agent Schellnhuber. This is a full-blown commitment by the British Royal Family to reduce the world population to under one billion people. Any other matters are distractions and intentionally engineered distractions to prevent any effective counter to the genocide plans.

The British Empire is a Satanic force, and is the continuation of the European Empire system that has been at war with mankind, ever since the launching of the 15th-Century Renaissance by Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. The Empire’s response to Cusa and the Renaissance was the launching of 150 years of uninterrupted religious war on the European continent.

The latest expression of the British Monarchy’s commitment to that same mass extinction is the Schellnhuber operation run against the Pope. It is around this issue that the future of mankind will be decided in the immediate period ahead.