Globalization over many years which has resulted in 6 corporations controlling all you see, hear, read or browse on TV

Globalization is the end result of many years over time of consolidations & merger which has left just 6 corporations controlling all you see, read, hear, or browse on TV. That’s called monopolistic living which thus supports a system of poor and suffering as its main “””program””” is CONSUMPTION. The CORPORATE ENTITY is a SYSTEM- it controls the world- its Artificial – Man Made – SOULLESS – without a mind or heart- being the problem most of all. The System is supported by its shareholders which are all who put energy & time into its existence.

Knowingly or unknowingly majority follow robotically without much deviation or question- misguided consciousness without faith in much. False egoic pride of the illusory glamours & material world dramas. All the flag waving, music dancing, flashing lights mean nothing but vanity in the eye of beholder whose aware the whole system is obsolete.
Corruptions end is neo feudal corporate constitutional truth justice & slavery.

The task is great and little time is left. The NYT reports that a Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for #Obama on Trade Accord, will expand the globalist fiefdom even more. #TPP TISA TTIP
From robber barons like Rockefeller whose #NewJersey Standard #Oil triumphed King over all Media built atop the #AP #news tower of #NBC Rockefeller plaza. Billionaires will be billionaires.
The problem today is the Defense Department is totally under Dangerous Neoconservative #war mongers. The media is clamped by few. #Police are out of control as record citizen life killed rises nationwide. #Healthcare is #sickcare in a #Democracy going #Corporatacy . Monsanto owns the #FDA & the Big Cable companies own the #FCC & Freedom is not what freedom used to be. Constitution is VOID in this unending War which will end.
The SPIRIT is with the PEOPLE.
Feel it- Do Good- Be as Water.


The UNIVERSAL LAW IS “””THE WILL TO DO GOOD”””. #truth #future #Monsanto #Verizon #Google #Billgates #bush #rockefeller #occupy #protest #evolution #fireworks #july4th