Russia Planning on Banning Coca-Cola & Pepsi

The head of Russia’s Party of Pensioners is urging sanctions against the Coca-Cola and PepsiCo claiming the soda giants are major sponsors of anti-Russian politicians in US and that the move would boost domestic producers of soft drinks. “In support of the president’s and government’s actions regarding the countersanctions we suggest restricting imports of products made by the Coca-Cola and PepsiCo companies that are the main sponsors of respectively the Republican and Democratic parties of the United States, the active supporters of prolonged sanctions against the Russian Federation,” Igor Zotov wrote in a letter to the Russian prime minister, quoted by the Izvestia daily.

Zotov, an MP in the State Duma representing the Fair Russia Party, noted that according to the information received from open sources the US soda is “”extremely harmful for human #health and therefore its imports are very damaging for the health of the Russian nation “”. #PepsiCo entered the #Russian markets much earlier than Coca-Cola – in 1971, back in #Soviet times. The drinks produced by this company were scarce at first, but gained more popularity as production was increased ahead of the 1980 #Moscow Olympics. After the fall of #Communism PepsiCo’s advertising slogan ‘Generation #Pepsi ’ became so well-known it became eponymous with young people who had not got the taste for the Socialist lifestyle.
#CocaCola first came to #Russia before the 1980 #Olympics but only produced and sold its orange drink #nazi made #Fanta until the Perestroika years under #Gorbachev in the late-80s