While you were busy fighting for gay marriage rights

While you’re fighting with your neighbors about flags, racism and class, your country is being hijacked. What do you call it when a foreign entity takes over your nation’s policy on food, medicine, taxation, and internet freedom? All this done in semi-secret by bribed politicians and false flags to distract the masses.
#Obamacare was made Supreme Court Constitution. As soon as the President FAST TRACKS these deals the corporations are going to have more power than the government- the real power. If they fix the whole #Healthcare system it doesn’t matter after that. Corporations are taking over.

A war is been going on for years in America, used by Media and Money. The American’s have lost this war.
The #gay people, the #white people, the #straight people, the #black , the #brown – all these little classes have something in common. The Classes of people are equally shit to the people at the very top, who are directing us against each other. Its the Rebel Flag this week, the week before it was Kaitlyn Jenner, the week before that it was equality, before that it was #blacklivesmatter . Most opinions come from whatever media hype is being discussed THIS WEEK.
Everyone’s distracted. The #TPP #TTIP is a done deal. The Trade deals are done. All it takes is the president to raise his pen to be used as a weapon. The United States doesn’t even really exist at that point. Do you understand that? We are part of a corporate mega state which will be governed by corporate international tribunals, which we have no say in- its all for the big companies – its all for the super rich, that’s happening right now. This week.
They want a CASHLESS SOCIETY for absolute and total enslavement.
Jade Helm has been a hype and are not threatening people. Strange UN vehicles spotted and military hardware shifting are however mysterious. NATO war games are gearing for a WORLD WAR.
A lot of bad things have happened in America from the natives, the slavery, a number of things- for all the bad- this is one of the greatest countries for individual rights & this week its all being taken away- quietly whimpering away- how can the conscious of the politicians go for such treason.