Countries across the globe flexing their military muscle ( 4 part post)

#USA and Ukrainian officials are making plans to expand the training of Ukrainian military forces at a training base in the western part of the country, officials said Wednesday.

The U.S. is currently training Ukrainian national guardsmen at the training site, about 28 miles from #Lviv #Ukraine . Members of the National Guard, part of the Ministry of Interior, aren’t front-line troops but are in charge of defending supply lines and operating check points.

Ukrainian military officials said Wednesday they want to bring their conventional #army troops and special-operations forces to the training center to run through the course taught by U.S. soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade, based in Italy.

The Ukrainians have selected mechanized and airborne units that would be part of an expanded training program.

U.S. officials have also begun planning for a potential expansion of the training, lining up funding and beginning planning for the expansion. But officials said a final decision on increasing the training is up to the White House. White House officials didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

On a visit to the training base, Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, said it was clear the #Ukrainian government wanted the U.S. to expand its training, but declined to say whether he would support stepped-up training.

Still, Gen. Odierno said he backed Ukrainian plans to expand the capability of the training base to handle larger units, saying the center is critical for #Kiev to prepare and sustain their forces fighting #Russia backed separatists.

Source: SCMP



#China is steadily expanding its military footprint in Africa, highlighted by the recent deployment of 700 combat-ready troops to join a multinational peacekeeping operation in South Sudan. In all, the People’s Liberation Army and Navy now have an estimated 2,700 soldiers, sailors, engineers and medical staff stationed across the continent.

The number of troops deployed in Africa is extremely small, even insignificant, in the broader context of the massive Chinese military. However, a discernible trend is becoming increasingly apparent as #Beijing expands the range of operations that its forces are engaged in Africa to include post-conflict stabilization (Mali), medical humanitarian missions (Liberia), ongoing conflict stabilization (South Sudan) and anti-piracy operations (Somalia) among others. In all, Chinese military personnel are now involved in 7 out of 9 UN peacekeeping operations on the continent, the most of any permanent Security Council member.

Although it will be a long time, if ever, that China’s small military footprint will rival those of the United States and European countries in Africa, the steadily rising number of PLA/PLAN forces on the continent may indeed have profound consequences. #Africa appears to be the theater of operations that is testing two bedrock principles of #Chinese foreign policy Source Huffington post



China’s military is expected to expand its offshore presence with the passage yesterday of a wide-ranging new national security law that highlights the country’s need to protect its “overseas interests”. Besides underscoring the need to protect national territorial sovereignty and integrity, the law passed by the National People’s Congress says it is the military’s duty to defend these overseas interests, through military action if necessary.

This is in addition to the People’s Liberation Army’s responsibilities in peacekeeping, international rescue operations and escort missions. “The amendment indicates the PLA Navy has been given the challenging and tough long-term task to defend China’s overseas interests. More resources and political support will be required to turn the navy into a capable blue-water force [to carry out these tasks],” Shanghai-based naval expert Ni Lexiong said.

Source: SCMP


On July 7, the Cristina Kirchner administration published a decree setting the new guidelines for Argentina’s Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) formed in January. The new intelligence agency will be tasked with unique roles, such as preventing “economic coups,” bank runs, and currency offloads.

The 408-page document also lays out how the government will handle future authorizations for wiretaps on intelligence targets, shifting responsibility from the judiciary to the Public Ministry.

Going forward, the AFI will oversee the security of Argentineans when faced with “risks or conflicts generated by external factors” and terrorism. Further, the order defines which actions the Argentinean state will consider as attacks against the “constitutional order” of the country, such as military rebellions, drug and human trafficking, and “economic warfare.” #argentina #banks #toobigtofail #truth #war #fincancialwar