Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015 US, Australia, Japan hold war games ( 4 Part Post )

Talisman Sabre war games is all about China, South China Sea, Oil-Gas transport/Untapped Oil-Gas and strategic control of Malacca Strait.

THERE was nothing “humanitarian” about the biggest amphibious assault ever conducted in Australia when a combined US-Australia-Japanese force landed on an isolated stretch of coast southwest of Darwin.
Despite the efforts of senior officers and a large team of public affairs staff to push the line about the importance of amphibious operations to disaster relief, Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015 is about high end war fighting.
Even the handout provided by the Department of Defence media spelt it out. “When an aircraft carrier group combines with an expeditionary strike group they become a potent expeditionary force.” That potency was on display in spades at Dundee Beach in Fog Bay as US Marines, Australian diggers and Japanese soldiers stormed ashore in a fleet of semi-submerged Assault Amphibian Vehicles (AAVs) and rigid-hull inflatable boats supported by huge hovercraft carrying fighting and transport vehicles.
Also involved in the 2015 exercise is the aircraft carrier USS George Washington and its vast power projection plus numerous undisclosed assets such as submarines and special-forces troops.
More than 30,000 troops will participate in the 10-day war games.

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Monday, July 6, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gady Eisenkott unveiled Israel’s answer to the coming challenge. It is a unique, multi-purpose commando ground force, especially tailored to fight ISIS and provide the “boots on the ground” which the US-led coalition has kept back from the Mercenary Islamists’ constantly expanding warfront.

It will be trained and armed for extraordinary missions outside routine military tasks. The revelation was something of a wake-up call for the general Israeli population. The new force’s short term tasks are to guard southern and northern Israel against hostile rocket fire and attempts by Mercenary Islamist groups riding captured armored carriers to storm the border.
The new Commando Brigade is designed for quiet, bold, covert and effective action against terrorist groups posing a threat from the Sinai Desert (real Sinai is in Saudi Arabia) to #Egyptian sovereignty and Israel’s southern border. Such action would be coordinated closely between #Israeli and Egyptian military and intelligence arms.

This amalgam that may be loosely likened to a unique combination of US Delta, Seals, Rangers, and airborne commandoes all rolled in one.

Its members are equipped with intelligence technology for gathering data and its transmission in real time. Its members operate under cover by blending into a population in disguise. [These Assassination Squads will have free travel access to the War on Terror mega state coalition empire including throughout Europe & the Americas to assassinate whomever deemed a “threat”] IDF commandos will employ guerilla tactics borrowed from the books of terrorist organizations themselves- (now lets think about that- they are “borrowing terrorist tactics” – meaning committing to wrongful systems from the start). Wow.
As the World inches to World War the Neoconservative dream order is being forced & fast tracked into place. Just a matter of time as the international defense & financial sectors are hijacked indefinitely leading to collapse & #dystopian “life”- no longer truly free without true #justice and probably no #freedom of speech under this coming global Corporatacy. We stand United.

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Finland’s Armed Forces Command has added a quick response dynamic with plans to locate rapid reaction units (RRUs) to military districts that fall under the command of the country’s four military provinces.
Defense Minister Jussi Niinistö described the initiative as necessary to strengthen operational readiness and bolster Finland’s overall defense and deterrence capabilities against rising regional tensions over Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.
The focus of deployment for the RRUs, which constitute a new feature within Finland’s territorial-based, infantry-centered defense strategy, will be military districts close to Finland’s 833-mile border with Russia.
Finnish territorial defense doctrine traditionally has been to use mobile field Army units backed by mainly local reserve forces to counter, delay, repel and inflict heavy losses on aggressors attacking across Finland’s heavily forested, lake-rich frontier and inland terrains.
The RRUs will add a front-line rapid deployment combat force to the military’s arsenal. The modular-type structure will enable RRUs to be used in defensive and offensive forward roles.

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The U.S. is seeking to position drones at a base somewhere in northern Africa as part of an effort to increase surveillance on the Islamic State group in Libya, but so far no countries in the region have agreed to play host, according to The #WallStreet Journal.

The addition of a drone base in northern Africa would help close intelligence gathering “blind spots,” the paper reported. “Right now, what we are trying to do is address some real intelligence challenges,” the paper quoted an unnamed senior administration official as saying.

The Journal said the U.S. uses Naval Air Station Sigonella, in Sicily for some drone flights over Libya, but missions are routinely canceled because of frequent cloud cover over the Mediterranean and other weather-related hurdles.

The U.S. military also has access to bases in #Niger both in #Agadez in the central region of the country, and outside of the capital of Niamey. But officials say those bases are too far from #Libya to be useful for operations there.

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