The Windsor Family Hall Of Shame, this scam has been going on for too long

Rupert Murdoch will never receive a knighthood now. His ultra-lowbrow tabloid The Sun has published a film and story depicting the British royal family giving Nazi salutes as a front page story with the blaring headline “THEIR ROYAL HEILNESSES” (July 18 2015). Needless to say the official response from Buckingham Palace is one of outrage and condemnation. The Sun describes the twenty-second film from Balmoral Castle in Scotland:

The film shows the then Princess Elizabeth, just seven, larking about in 1933.

Egging on her sister Princess Margaret, three, is their uncle Prince Edward, Prince of Wales. He was a sympathiser towards Hitler’s Nazi Germany & became King Edward VIII.

It’s unclear what Murdoch’s motivation may be, but considering the phone hacking scandal in which he and his heir apparent son James were roundly condemned and cast out by the British establishment, perhaps there’s more to the story than just selling newspapers.



Now the Royal family faces TV ‘Nazi’ exposé, as the Palace considers legal action over ‘Hitler salute’ photos, a UK Channel 4 documentary is set to reopen a painful chapter of Duke’s family history.

An explosive Channel 4 documentary is set to reveal details of how Prince Philip’s sister met and admired Adolf Hitler, whom she described as a ‘charming and seemingly modest man’. Three of his sisters were married to senior #Nazi officers – one a colonel in the SS – and when Philip attended a family funeral in #Germany in 1937 he was confronted by crowds giving the Heil Hitler salute. The documentary “Prince Philip: The Plot To Make A King” includes previously unseen extracts from a private memoir in which one sister talks of her early admiration for Hitler.
It is understood that the 17-second film clip was copied by a researcher with ‘access to the royal archives’ several years ago, having been accidentally leaked by #Buckingham Palace, it has been reported.
The Duke of Edinburgh, now 94, is upset that his sister’s links to the Third Reich is being exposed while controversy continues over the footage of the Queen herself along with her Mother and father Edward VIII.

The Queen Mother apparently referred to Prince Philip as ‘the Hun’. And, although he was born a prince of the Greek royal family, his mother was Princess Alice of Battenberg, daughter of a German prince. Prince Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of #Greece and Denmark, is descended from the German ducal house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg – Philip’s real surname.

But, on his marriage to Princess #Elizabeth, he assumed his mother’s maternal surname – Mountbatten, which is an Anglicised version of the German ‘Battenberg’. The Queen’s real surname is also is German – Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. That was the surname of #Prince Albert, #Queen Victoria’s husband, who was born near Coburg in #Germany.

The #Royal Family’s surname was changed to #Windsor in #1917, during the First World War, #WW1 when Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was considered too #German a name – not least because the planes coming over to bomb #Britain were called #Gotha bombers