Raising Your Vibration / Lowering Your Vibration

Would you like to have a stronger connection to spirit, more positive thoughts, better emotional states and improved physical health? If so, then you need to raise your vibration.

Your ‘vibration’ is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you.

From a metaphysical perspective, you’re a ‘being’ composed of several different levels of energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels have a vibrational frequency, which combine to create your overall vibration of being.

When it comes to vibrations, there are higher frequencies and lower frequencies. This is true for vibrations of being too. Lower vibrations of being are associated with disempowering thoughts, negative emotions, poor health and little or no spiritual awareness. A human being of an extremely low vibration would be someone like Hitler. Higher vibrations of being, on the other hand, are associated with empowering thoughts, positive emotions, good health and strong spiritual awareness. A human being of an extremely high vibration would be someone like the Dalai Lama.

What’s more, is that like attracts like. The lower your vibration of being is, the more likely you are to attract circumstances to you that mirror this. Frustrating situations… difficult people… that sort of thing.

So what you want to do then, is raise your vibration. You’ll then start to attract more positive experiences, enjoy better health, experience more positive emotional states, think nicer thoughts and obtain a stronger sense of spiritual connection. This will all have a positive effect on your spiritual awakening