EMF The Hidden Dangers (Mobile Phones WIFI Smart Meters) Must Watch Video

We all live in electrical grid boxes with electricity flowing around us. The hz it’s at is actually harmful to humans, so prolonged exposure in close proximity to the electric like your head or bed next to a power outlet is harmful.

And then Wi-Fi. Oh glorious Wi-Fi right? Wrong. Wi-Fi is extremely harmful to life from plants to animals. There’s been studies correlating it with increased rates of autism and many other dis-eases. Pregnant women should honestly keep cell phone handling to less than a half hour a day, never use phone on ear only speaker, be at least 10 feet away from Wi-Fi modem, and turn it off at night.
Everyone would benefit from these things as Wi-Fi is harmful to all, but especially growing babies and young kids it’s most harmful to.

Another thing, never sleep next to your phone.
The 3d zombies will ignore these words completely and can’t hear. But I know there’s many whose brains aren’t completely fried yet who can hear. Protect your field! And as a general rule for all, you should NEVER sleep with your phone under your pillow or near your head. Get rid of that damn microwave!

So you need to turn your WIFI off and hard wire your internet. Keep your phones out of your room when sleeping and away from the body at all times. This is critical to our health a dangerous problem. Our bodies run on electrical impulses so this interference is re wiring out neurological system and lowering the immune system, basically we are being radiated through these wireless devices.