Man’s innate need to find order and meaning in the Universe

Man’s innate need to find order and meaning in the #universe and within as well as humanities’ purpose on #earth and its relationship to the #cosmos is the center of all #wisdom.

This focus provided individuals studying in their Ashrams known as initiates and disciples (Initiate means who was given initiation about the secrets of codified knowledge and were on the path of becoming Adepts themselves, and disciples were students who were on the path of initiation not yet obtained) with the keys to unlock the mysteries of spiritual transformation, which has been veiled for long since #ancient times. The #codification was decided to be enacted by the group of ancient masters to safeguard #humanity, because human beings are also co-creators in the scheme of things. Just like on the physical plane #human beings can create new civilizations or destroy, similarly they have a capacity to create on the subtle planes, if they are provided with the required knowledge, & tools (The tools are Mantras or The words of power, the proper alignment of subtle bodies and use of chakras, postures or Mudras, breathing techniques etc.) which can later on precipitate on the physical plane which is experienced by our five senses as our physical world in which we exist.
But with this codification arose the corruption in some unfit masters who attained their such status by just applying sheer will force devoid of #love to do any good without any regard to the evolutionary laws of the universe, who wanted to control deceitfully the lower kingdoms which were evolving under their protection, which was termed as #rebellion in the ancient #Mythlogical records of various #religious scriptures and depicted as the Deva (Gods) Asura (Demons) wars. This event established the foundation of so called dark brotherhood with left hand practices only interested to gain material objectives, in the 3 material worlds or the control in the three worlds of human #evolution [3 planes which are mental, astral, and Vital/Physical, which are now gone beyond their limits of #corruption in all the countries by their governing heads promoting only the material objects of “Glamour” known to us as the “Illusion”