On the Verge of a Real Crisis “Russia Aids Syrian troops on the ground”

We’re on the verge of a real crisis on a national and international scale,— Putin’s Russia has moved, and Obama is about to go ape. We haven’t quite seen that freakout yet, but it’s in the making.

We have to be prepared: we especially, because we saw all this coming when others refused to believe it. For instance, we understood the significance of the VJ Day march in Beijing on September 3. Now that Putin is moving to protect Syria and crush ISIS, Obama will have to either back off, or to create the hottest conflict possible.

Obama insisted that he’ll control Syria, that ISIS must not be eliminated, but that instead President Assad must be removed. Putin said “No.” He not only said it,— he acted on it. That’s the issue: there’s a showdown between Putin and Obama. And Putin will not concede: the concession will have to come from Obama.



Germany’s about-face on the refugees, their decision to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees, is also a defiance of Obama. And they’re not going to back down either.

Now, as of Monday morning, this is coming to a head. What Putin has demanded is perfectly reasonable. Will Obama give up? Will he back down? Because if he won’t, we’re close to a World War III condition. What will happen? It’s hard to tell. People will have to take a position. The best outcome is that Obama is junked. Everyone knows its the big showdown. What will they do?

Obama is bluffing, but it’s a dangerous bluff because he’s a lunatic and a mass-murderer. He says, “I’m going to kill… kill! I gave an order to kill.” We had two terms of this under Cheney, and almost two even-worse terms under Obama. Where’s the lawfulness in this? Will Congress to act like idiots? Or will they say, “Obama has gone too far.”

Obama must be thrown out of office under the 25th Amendment, given the proof that he wants to protect the Nazi-like ISIS organization, and overthrow the legitimate President of Syria. Everything Obama is doing is a fraud; most of the world will be only too happy to get rid of him. Obama has to be thrown out of office, period. That’s the only solution for mankind, and all people have to do is say that.



The United Nations General Assembly is about to convene in New York. Will they sit back and watch as thermonuclear war is launched? We’re in a complex situation with no clear answers, but the approximations are clear. Obama is not the active person here; it’s Putin, as seen standing next to Chinese President Xi Jinping at the September 3 parade in Beijing. As the next step, Putin is prepared to kick ISIS out of Syria, and he’s absolutely right. If he allowed Obama and ISIS to prevail, there’d be a chain-reaction degeneration of the entire area. The best solution is to throw Obama out.