Russia Bans GMO Imports / Monsantos Profits Fall Another 15% Global Awakening NO GMO Pesticides

#Russia has just announced a game-changing move in the fight against #Monsanto’s GMOs, completely banning the use of genetically modified ingredients in any and all #food production.

In other words, Russia just blazed way past the issue of #GMO labeling and shut down the use of any and all GMOs that would have otherwise entered the food supply through the creation of packaged foods (and the cultivation of GMO crops). “As far as genetically-modified organisms are concerned, we have made decision not to use any GMO in food productions,” Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich revealed during an international conference on biotechnology.

We know that, in the United States, 90 plus percent of staple crops like corn are genetically modified, along with 94 percent of soybeans and 94 percent of cotton. A ban on GMOs in food production would radically change the entire food supply. In Russia, however, the country is much more poised for a GMO food #revolution. “According to official statistics the share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0.01 percent over the past 10 years, and currently there are just 57 registered food products containing GMO in the country. The law ordering obligatory state registration of GMO products that might contact with the environment will come into force in mid-2017.” Country after country, every day this month have been barreling for #freedom from the big biotech corporate entities like Monsanto amongst others. The #future is #local #organic not chemical toxic food – like products.
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Monsanto’s stock did even more poorly than analysts expected last quarter, with its stock taking another 15 percent nose-dive due to ‘a stronger dollar, and weak seed sales.’ The company is warning its investors that profits will not maintain previously suggested levels. Is it time to ditch Monsanto stock?

The company is adjusting its forecasts based on the impact of falling GM corn seed sales, and chemicals that are becoming increasingly expensive for farmers to use. The company is likely to continue to lose money considering that 96 percent of consumers want their #food labeled so they know if they are eating health-damaging GM seed.

The Internet has allowed a democratic disbursement of information that may suggest that #GMO seed like Bt toxic corn are bad for human health. Adding to that the fact that #glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide #Roundup, is now being called ‘carcinogenic’ by everyone from the #EPA in the state of #California to the #WHO World #Health Organization. Surely this will impact sales for the biotech behemoth as well.

The cost of multiple pending lawsuits are also likely to affect Monsanto’s bottom line. They were just found guilty of chemical poisoning in #France.

It seems that the end of #Monsanto just might finally be in sight.

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