Sugar factory in exchange for community garden

A farm & skate park are growing next to the former Domino Sugar Factory, a community partnership between Two Trees Management Company, the developers of the property and the #Brooklyn neighborhood.

Formerly located in a vacant lot across the street from the Domino plot, the community garden moved to be directly along the waterfront in May and plans to open later this month. They’re growing flowers and produce, all organic but none of which will be sold. Instead, they’ll be used for dinners to be hosted on site.
These farms have been meticulously observed, maintained, and secured from New York’s pollutants, with enriched soil, enzymes, and coverings which continue to show how organic #farming can feed local communities, grow communities, and better help to sustain old practices which are desperately required across the world, in cities and towns which have become so reliant on fast #food commercial byproducts that they were fast asleep in a daze while corporate America set up it’s plastic breathless replica of cultures and #foods. Years of abuse of poor quality foods and high toxic dyes and #pesticides have plummeted US #health statistics, while a total lack of actual health# knowledge, and nutritional healing escapes the public education system and #healthcare (really a #sickcare system) continuing a loop of support for negative systems which create unneeded sufferings.

New Yorkers are only learning about the grandeur and glory of the Brooklyn waterfront just as its industrial past fades and dies. For much as we like to talk about “reopening” the waterfront to the public, the truth is that the waterfront was historically closed so long as it was industrial. And nowhere was that more true than in #Williamsburg, where the immense sugar refineries and warehouses ruled the East River from the #CivilWar foreword, barring all casual wanderers. Sugar’s reign came to a whimpering end in January 2004 when the #American #Sugar Refinery Company shut down operations at the Domino Sugar refinery site. A few months later, the 11-acre site was sold to developers for $55 million.

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