D.I.Y Sun Block make it at home cheap and Non Toxic

If you would not drink something then you most certainly should not rub it on your skin. Putting anything on your skin by passes the liver and many organs designed to clean and purify what’s going into our bodies, which means it goes directly through our skin into the muscle than into our blood.

We now know that most conventional sun blocks are carcinogenic “cancer causing” and detrimental for the health of humans so here is a way to make your own that is nontoxic very cheap and very effective.
Our sun is hotter than ever due to massive holes in the ozone layers mostly due to climate engineering programs and humans negligents, meaning we can’t go in the sun in the middle of the day for too long anymore until mother earth rebalances herself through humans stepping up and stopping the polluting.
The UV is super high as especially in places like Australia where the sun is extremely harsh during summer.

It’s time we take out health back into our hands.
We have gorn all technical, we need to now go back full circle and make our own products and visit the green grocer “organic only” rather than visiting the doctor to be poisoned to death and given drugs which have a whole list of side effects Or “effects” which will cause disease or “dis ease”.

Our human body is amazing it’s a self-balancing and self-regulating super machine, for the body food is “information” what you put in your body is what you eventually will be. You are what you eat, look in the mirror you are a direct representation to what you eat and your life style choices.

No matter how bad something may seem you can always detox, go clean and healthy and turn it all around, we have been gifted with some of the most incredible bodies on earth but, like any engine or machines it needs to be serviced and looked after. In our case detoxed, cleansed, and flushed regularly. I will talk more on this in later posts

Hope this little recopy helps much love.

“You are love, you are light, emanate out wards, go inwards”

Neil Pascoe

Heres one of many homemade sunblock recipes. Of course, nothing beats a good hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing. I actually haven’t used sunscreen all summer. If the sun is very intense I simply stay inside or use a large hat. I occasionally use organic coconut oil rubbed on my skin. I also eat a tablespoon a day which helps my skin as well.


Homemade Sunblock – Lotion
(approximately 20 SPF)
2 oz shea butter
2 oz coconut oil
1 oz non-nano zinc oxide
optional: 8 drops of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint (omit essential oils for small children.)
1. Melt the shea butter and coconut oil together. (use a bain-marie / double boiler until ingredients are softened)
2. Remove from heat and stir in zinc oxide (wear a mask). Pour into container.
3. Let cool completely before use. Store at room temperature.

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