Millennials hold the future conscious food shopping and plant based diet

Millennials are currently one of the most powerful group of consumers in the U.S. Nearly 25% of the population fall under this generational segment, and it’s estimated that they have over a trillion dollars in buying power. By 2017, the generation is expected to outspend the baby boomers. As a consumer group, Millennials recognize that their #food choices have a very real impact on society & the environment, and they are big proponents of shopping with a conscience. One in 10 millennials is #vegetarian or #vegan, & at the forefront of driving the #American consumer marketplace by demanding more #plantbased options. More than 60% consume plantbased alternatives.

We are currently in a midst of an interesting shift in consumer behavior in the US. While the total number of Americans that identify themselves as vegan or vegetarian remains around the 4-7 percent, 1/3 of the population (over 100 million people) now say they are trying to eat vegetarian meals at least occasionally. As much as 26% of consumers now fall into the category of “flexitarians,” who prefer a diet dominated by plantbased #foods and over 36% of U.S. Consumers prefer milk alternatives & use meat substitutes. Choosing to skip meat once a week or once a day is becoming the norm & these consumers are driving the demand for healthier meatless #local #organic dairy-free options.

As a consumer, you need to recognize the tremendous power you wield with your food choices & what a crucial role you play in shaping this story. On the other hand, if you are an individual or business that is part of the complicated fabric that is the American food system, you need to ask yourself the following question.

Years from now, when we tell the inspiring story of how our broken food system was transformed into a more equitable and sustainable one, will you be on the right or wrong side of history?

Over 80% of #American consumers want to buy food from brands that have a positive social & environmental impact, & most are willing to pay more for such products. Consumers are starting to value transparency.
From a natural resource consumption view, plantbased foods are inherently better for the #planet & #health.


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