Pesticides Near The Home Will Raise Your Childs Risk Of Getting Cancer

Although it might not come as a big surprise to those who believe that natural methods are the only safe way to deal with pests, it’s certainly worth noting that a link has been found between indoor pesticide use and the risk of children developing certain types of cancer.

A recent report published online and in the October issue of Pediatrics found that children who are exposed to chemical pesticides have a “slightly increased” risk of developing two types of blood #cancer: leukemia and lymphoma.

The findings, which were based on an analysis of 16 different studies conducted between 1993 and 2013, suggest a link between pesticides and childhood cancers as well as an elevated risk of childhood leukemia associated with exposure to weed killers. Did we need a study for that?

We should always be cautious about exposing young children to any toxic chemicals. It just makes sense.

There are a number of natural substances that are effective in killing or repelling household pests. Diatomaceous earth, garlic, citrus, bay leaves, tannic acid and cayenne pepper are just a few examples. is a good resource for learning more about controlling household pests without using chemical pesticides.

Even the rather conservative Lung Association recognizes the fact that it “stands to reason that if pesticides can kill pests, then pesticides may also harm us.” Don’t use chemical #pesticides in your home if you want your #children to remain healthy and free of disease.

It’s easy to reduce pollutants by eating mindfully, meaning not just eating crap displayed as #food on TV or on any magazine screen. Nutritionally healing foods literally can #detox the body, and protect #immunity. Education on these matters are most important and obviously are left out of public education otherwise how would the #healthcare (#sickcare) system and farm factories profit?

Don’t be a pawn. Seek local #organic options. #Farmers markets are close-by. Learn the #art of #cooking and #healing and learn your connection to the planet you live on. Simply breathe and be.

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