Magnetically bound in the corrupt energy web

These all so called educated people, who thus at the end of incarnated lives or physical death period are not aware of these ‘’Facts of Nature’’ as per the established evolutionary plan of ‘’Consciousness Expansion’’’ meant for this Planet Earth ……..after the severing of this radiant vital energy cord mentioned in certain non traditional books of occult sciences as the ‘’Silver Cord’’’ ,..consciously have to live for some time thus living in their next body [Pranic or Vital body] …….for a few days till the death of that body also occurs….. but till then THEY BECOME LIKE A LOST PERSON in unknown surroundings.

And in such confusing conditions many Human beings unknowingly fall prey to the MOST CORRUPT, devoid of divine White light LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS themselves for ages ………are living a ruthless and CONDEMNED type of conscious existence.

During this period of utter confusion, these Most Corrupt Entities and Beings acting as their Well Wishers relatives …….and for some as their Guardian angels and in some instances as the Almighty Gods through deceitful methods try to convince them as their ‘’’TRUE FRIENDS’’’….by offering them their unquenched desire needs of Sex, Drinks and Food flavors, Money Greed and Name and Fame etc……………in which their consciousness may be still stuck. even they do not possess their physical body any more.

And once trapped, then the evolving consciousness immediately gets magnetically bound in the corrupt energy web ….from which their deliverance becomes totally impossible, and then they are forced to become a part of DECEITFUL and ILLEGAL AGENDAS following their wrongful orders…………which is totally contrary to the EVOLUTIONARY PLAN AND PURPOSE OF THE CREATOR LOGOS based upon one and only ineffable universal law of ‘’WILL TO DO GOOD’’


At the time of the so called physical death, which happens to all incarnated entities and beings possessing an incarnated physical body upon this planet earth, their vital or energy cord [Vital Body] extending from their vital body double to the physical body gets severed or cut, thus instantly stopping all types of animations in their physical body, which were earlier being provided by it through the free flow of electromagnetic vital pranic or the ethereal energy currents causing the physical body to become lifeless and thus collapse.

With the rapid advancement of Science and Technology during the last 100 years or more …………..most people have become less and less spiritual in their incarnated human lives………and most of them who were never informed about it during their so called college education time period from accredited renowned universities or by their so called famous scientific teachers, or even by the spiritual and religious heads living a luxurious life wearing colorful garbs, …………who in their various belief systems are known as the specialist of the ‘’’’’invisible realms’’’’’ ……….instead just told them the ‘’’mundane written stories of their holy books, not knowing themselves their embedded ‘’’codified meanings’’, which brought no solace to the scientific mind consciousness of the so called educated people living in this world of science and technology


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