“Victory.Farm” This is our call to collective, coherent action to create a new standard in farming Victory.Farm

For the Most Great Cause of advancing humanity, may the mission of the Victory Farm find root in whatever wasted land has willing hands to give humanity a chance to hold the ground of peace, sustainability, and justice! Thank you for visiting, may this temporary website for this perennial project be informative, and may you feel welcome and encouraged to make it better by commenting here or emailing info@victory.farm or tweeting @victoryfarm

What is Victory Farm?

This is our call to collective, coherent action to create a new standard in farming, for cooperative, regenerative, economically prosperous, technologically tuned farming to manifest justice, enhance biological diversity, safeguard the future of countless generations, and fulfil America’s Divine Destiny, to train the military industrial complex, one seed at a time, AWAY from physical destruction to material liberation from a worn out world poverty that is breeding discord, mal-nutrition and terrorism throughout the world… Harnessing leadership in wilful evolution. Inspired by the Victory Gardens of WWII, we aim to go the extra mile, and obsolete every form of conflict between us all, down to the very worms tilling the soil beneath our feet.

What is Victory Farm doing?

Victory Farm, is creating a network of Victory #Farms in the #NYC area, based upon best practices of the 150,000 farmer strong self governing agricultural systems of South America from FUNCAEC – we are translating the best practices in cooperative farming across diverse growing zones, with the support of one of the founding directors of FUNDAEC, as well as the dedicated support of #Organic Valley, the largest coop in #America. Core to the entire effort is youth education, pioneered by Seedball, the only independent educators to receive the one time National Nature Conservancy Grant for integrated sustainable urban agriculture education.
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