Most human beings who are not aware of their invisible “Four Lower Bodies”

Most human beings who are not aware of their invisible “Four Lower Bodies” in incarnated life become an “”easy prey and thus a victim”” of the corrupt invisible ethereal entities known as “disembodied spirits” of the electro-magnetic control, being the ionized ethereal particles of the vital forces known as Qi, Chi, Ka or Prana [life force animating energy], aggregated to manifest those “mental thought forms” illegally infiltrate to then “”Impulse”” you to do certain unethical things… which make you “”feel good”” and for a short lived temporary pleasure many unknowingly fall prey.

The negatively charged ionized ethereal particles known as “Will Power Force” can effect the FIVE senses of the Human Beings, but those who RATIONALIZE ALL THEIR INCOMING THOUGHTS through Mind Contemplation’s are not so easy to be illegally controlled by these most corrupt disembodied spirits who are themselves consciously stuck due to their own unfulfilled desires. Through Sound Notes and differentiated tones, they consciously affect the subtle human consciousness, which is perceived through the five senses of their human subjects, thus easily create thought forms in the vital ethereal matter by their sheer will force which easily affect those with low will power and thus become famous among them as the miracle workers.


According to the established evolutionary plan and purpose of the unknowable, human beings are required to “consciously contemplate” upon their ensuing desire mind thoughts, but unfortunately such is not the case in the “scientifically advanced” modern civilized world of this physical plane existence.

Most incarnated humans belonging to differentiated belief and faith systems are made to ignore such higher mind contemplations by their so called well wishing “#spirit leaders” who themselves being devoid of “higher self” intellect and wisdom unfortunately for their own selfish mundane reasons cause them to fight one another in the name of personal “faith and belief”. The incarnated great prophet messenger seers and sages embodying His desire mind thought forms and thus illuminated by His Cosmic vital ethereal force have been commonly known as Avatars of “God Consciousness”. These “Great Ones” explained the “Secret of Divine Love” saying “God is #Love” which exists as consciousness #oneness of all visible and invisible evolving entities & beings of the entire solar #universe & in all differentiated spherical conscious levels having parallel evolutions.

It is not the time period for all evolving human beings of this planet #earth to become more “Materially Minded” as has now become the case in the name of so called “#Civilization“, which is the process of “#involution” or “involvement in matter” and not “#evolution” from the word “#evo“, meaning “liberated” or free from bondages of the 3 differentiated dense planes of vital existences, commonly known as the “Physical, Astral, and Mental Planes.” The True Evolution is only possible to achieve if the differentiated evolving human societies belonging to the same “Collective Consciousness” of this planet earth, instead of fighting with each other due to their personal faiths and mundane beliefs, properly learn how to “contemplate” in their daily lives and thus consciously connect with their ever joyful “higher selves”



To achieve Liberation from the 3 material world bondage’s (Mental Electric/Gaseous, Astral Liquid Magnetic, Dense Physical) during their incarnated human lives of physical plane existence as per the evolutionary plans, are required to always “””consciously contemplate”””
upon their ensuing desire mind thoughts……

rather than immediately acting upon them as “ROBOTS”!! All are now illegally “””Controlled””” by various governing means and methods involving advanced science and technology by those few in “Power”…. which effect their emotions and feelings and thus Most humans following their emotional thoughts immediately act as

“”Human Robots”” without ever questioning their ensuing thought process!! Have you ever noticed many a times “”certain thoughts”” appear randomly from nowhere in your mind, about things, which you were not even paying any attention to or thinking, and which appear to you like your own brain thoughts…

but most humans are not aware of this fact that many a times these thoughts are placed illegally in your mind by programs and entities and beings to achieve their own agendas, just like a disc jockey can put his own voice, during the playing of a record by superimposing it.

So the great question arises that if it is not your then “who” created these mental thoughts to effect you??

Questioning such thought process is known as the process of “”Contemplation””!!

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