Human Love, Happiness, Awakening, Truth Some Thanks and a little rant enjoy Beautiful People “Nate Max”

I’m so impressed with the intellect of our alternate media (truth news) community. Thank you guys firstly for the tireless work, posting, talking, living and speaking your truth throughout all the ridicule that comes with being authentic and going against the system. So often I turn on Facebook and I see dis information and propaganda spewing onto my screen, yet I see each and every time under the post, you tube clip, whatever it is, very informed people smashing through the lies and dis information with logic and common sense writing comments that totally discredit the lies.

Great work!! Makes me so happy every time.

People are waking up WORLR WIDE. This is a huge phenomenon, the system, the globalist and the powers at be are shaking in their boots. “Their time at the top is coming to an end” and they know it. Hence them being more bold than ever with Geo-engineering Programs, forced vaccination and new draconian laws and rules like the (trans pacific partnership)  This is fine with me is simply wakes more people up , more people are seeing through the lies / evil agenda. These programs are working in our favour!

As soon as that awakening seed has been planted in the mind it’s impossible to turn away from the truth. When you start doing that inner work (meditation and contemplation) analysing yourself and behavioural patterns, life becomes much more meaningful, purposeful and simpler. It’s a strange, wonderful and exciting journey.

When the mind awakens we start to taste the poison in the tap water, we gravitate away from meat products and foods that are bad for our health, we just start get it. We see the news as it is… Just a massive screen play with actors (news readers) reading the script promoting the agenda, negativity, hate, violence, divide, terrorism. Mind programming basically Nazi propaganda at its best. Literally a load of horse shit and total lies.  Main stream or as I like to call it “sewage stream” media is dead. The approval rating is a joke and most humans are waking up to that fact, lies can only be hidden for so long the darkness is being pushed into the light. All that was hidden will be revealed.
Good bye to the dinosaur media.

Now days with the internet we can find the truth in moments.
The good old internet and smart phones have worked against the globalists. These elite who rule the world are losing the info wars. This is why they are trying to crack down on investigative journalists, bloggers, whistle blowers and social media by censoring everything on Facebook and the internet. Censorship is in full swing with Facebook algorithms and right through google. We need to resist these new laws and policies like The TPP (Tran’s pacific partnership) we must not consent to tyranny. They can try implement any laws they want, its fine we just won’t consent to them. We are the 99% and the government is here to serve us, not the other way around. Together we make our own decisions.

They try attempt false flag attacks, but with social media, cameras, smart phones and the internet backed alternate media, it’s impossible now to get away with it.
Too many people have phone and instant internet access, there is always footage and photos, GPS tacking, money trails, to show the truth. Just like the Paris attacks, 9/11, Boston bombings, Charlie Hebdo, sandy hook, Lindt cafe, Syrian sarin attacks, the downing and disappearance of mh370 and Mh17. It’s as clear as day now the agenda, one world government has been announced we know who he enemy is and their plan of attack. Thanks for being so bold to tell us your plan!!


There is always a paper trail or, cyber paper trail. We have so much surveillance now every time you fart someone knows. We have over 4000 satellites surrounding our earth. Don’t think for a second that you’re every call, message, email and word you speak is not being listened to and recorded on a giant data base.  Well it is they have even admitted it. If you would not like someone going through your mail box through your letters opening them before you read it why would you consent to people listening to your phones calls, logging your emails and messages??? Have a think about that for a while.

Even though all these draconian laws and rules are being placed apron us, the poisoning of our food, water and skies the slow dumbing down of the population, the soft kill slow killing off the human race we are still evolving and now fighting back. For a race of Hamas that have been lied to and oppressed for so long I think we are doing pretty well.

Mother earth and her people are fighting back back. Even though the news will never show this, the tide has turned.
The world is finally getting motivated and realising that we are all human beings. We are not Christians, Muslim, and Catholics, black, whites, races or countries.
We are HUMANS!!!! All the same!!!!!

All brothers and sisters who came here from the stars, all here on this living, breathing, live sentient being we like to call mother earth “Ghia”
Divide and conquer has been used since the damn of time to separate humans from banding together and being united. This has been the Kings, Queens and super riches elite’s plan since recorded history, it’s still being used today in the Middle East and almost every country today in some form.


Yet with simple things like compassion, love and not judging a book by its cover we are coming back together as 1 and changing the rules of engagement. For humanity to prevail and get out of this evil we are living in we must work together as galactic family. We must spread the truth, talk to our friends and families inform them, go out of our way to help mother earth and her inhabitants. You have a voice and can vote with your dollars. There is nothing stopping you. Life is much easier if you can find a bunch of likeminded people to grow with.

We had the shift in 2012 the tipping point in consciousness, now it’s just a matter of time before every one wakes up. Luck should have it we have the planetary cycles on our side another 13,000 years left of awakening!!! Already there is massive amounts of positive shifts happening worldwide and we are only 3 years into the awakening phase. This is good news!!

Thank you Putin (Russian prime minister) for decimating ISIS

(the USA, C.I.A, Saudi Arabia, Israeli “CREATED” proxy army De stabilisation tool) which has been used to separate the middle east and remove our freedoms from western countries.  It’s good to see the oil tankers carrying black market oil to fund ISIS being blown up by Russian bombers. This shows literally how much of a joke the whole war is. Russia has been in Syria for a few weeks and already destroyed 95% of the bases and forces. Makes you wonder that the U.S has been doing for the past 13 months. But we all know already the USA has been funding and supporting ISIS since the start. Obama needs to be arrested and thrown in jail.


I have so much respect for Putin who is one of the only people with enough balls to stand up to the illuminati (new world order) we should be supporting Russia and the effort they are displaying truly inspiring. Our media demonises him but we know better. Russia is Banning GMO food, Banned fluoride, they support sustainability programs and aiming to be the biggest producers of organic produce in the world plus much more.

We (western backed countries who follow the crown and the British Empire) are the real terrorists. Not the people but our politicians, government officials and the propaganda media.

The queen and royal Windsor family, the bush administration, Obama, Hillary Clinton family, George sorrows, David Rockefeller, Netanyahu + another 100 I could name,  all these evil half human sole less mimics needs to be removed and thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. There needs to be a move against this small percentage of super rich elite who are destroying the world, mother earth, our oceans, forests and killing the population. These are crimes against humanity and need to be addressed at the highest level.

We need a worldwide ice land 2.0 to arrest the bankers and also the politicians who are corrupt and re start this system, destroy the Federal Reserve banking system. Which is a failed, fraudulent system printing money out of thin air not backed by any gold. Which now has 9 trillion dollars missing from its system. Where the hell does 9 trillion dollars go??? It’s definitely not in my wallet, this system only supports a small few who are on the inside. This needs to end NOW “end the fed”


On a lighter note I was down at Cronulla yesterday at the beach and I was laying in the sun with my eyes closed and was listening to the most beautiful conversations going on around me with polite children who were respectful to their parents, quiet and having a beautiful day in the sun with the family. The parents were taking about the dangers of vaccines and other real topics I was so impressed. I hear these conversations everywhere now, the shift is truly happening.

I couldn’t help not get up and get involved in the conversation, my “consciousness human “radar went off on “red alert”.

I ended up having a lovely conversation with them, I suggested an organic food shop for them in the area and one amazing lady who I met has just started facilitating meditation in primary schools and the results are apparently outstanding. It really does show just how much change 1 person can bring. I feel strongly that we need to implement meditation into our schools, let them find their inner peace. This will impact the rest of their lives. The children coming through now are so enlightened and outstanding, but are miss diagnosed. These kids are so smart they should not be in a class room getting the creativity bashed out of them. They need to be using their hands and minds, thinking outside the box, playing, laughing, and loving each other. The kids were even meditating on the rocks near the water by themselves it was outstanding. I truly feel once you find that self-love / inner peace the rest of your life transforms for ever.


Meditation is set deep in our DNA itching to be re-opened and used to evolve. It’s like putting the key into the super computer and turning it on for the first time. Meditation it’s the single most important thing I have ever done in my life. It changed my life exponentially from a life of partying, clubbing, hanging with Thugs and Bikers, drug dealers, strip clubs, drinking, drugs, materialistic people, with zero love for myself, an unhealthy existence of shame and guilt. Into to a life of total health, happiness, abundant love, creativity, connecting with my spirit and higher self, let me self-analyse myself, find my life’s journey empowering people and helping mother earth, it brought my family closer together and made me realise what self-love and real true love is. Love really is the answer. I feel so connected with mother earth, all animals and humans. I can’t imagine how beautiful it must have been, when the Originies (aboriginals) and the Native American Indians roamed the land totally interconnect with spirt and earth. We need to return to our origins, back in nature in community’s self-sustainable working in with mother earth not against her.

Don’t you EVER think for a single second that you anything less than a limitless, amazing, and god like being. With your positive thoughts and actions we can change the world, the impact which one person can make on earth who is doing the inner work, with just a dash of motivation the can impact on humanity in such a huge way is just insane.

The media likes to make you think you can’t do anything but that is the biggest trick ever played on mankind. Don’t fall for that total rubbish.

You are a limitless god like being who came from the stars, you are in this human vessel
(flesh and blood body) for this life time, then you will leave your body and return to your essence, you are eternal, everlasting, ever living, made from the same ingredients as the universe and stars.

You incarnated here on earth out of the billions of entities waiting to get to earth, then you beat the 300 million other little sperms to make it to your mother’s egg. Then you were birthed, you have already done so many amazing things and learnt so many lessons. Before you do another thing, congratulate yourself for a grand journey so far. You are already a winner of epic proportions.

You Rule!!!!

Life can be simple, Once we remove the pree programmed mind control and manipulations we face here in western society life becomes very different and simple eg:

I must have a house with a huge mortgage (keeping up with the joneses)
I need a flash car (mum driving a $200k SUV to school)
I must have a good body (I’m not accepted and don’t fit in unless I do)
I need to think and act a certain way (anything different to that we call normal is just weird)

I must work very hard for my money (whose stupid idea is that)
When we get over these stupid ideas of what a good life resembles and understand that you are not expected do anything. If you are happy you are succeeding. Imagine just focusing on being happy and not worrying about what other people think about you. Just being in the present moment, not always waiting for that new car or holiday.  Going to work every Monday and spewing that you have another 5 days of work.

Why not make your life a holiday rather than going on a holiday to escape your life for 2 week to only come back to the same old matrix, ground hog day, depression Ville??


Imaging going to work and enjoying what you do 5 days a week, being happy not 5 days a week spewing you are working. You can make adjustments not only to what ya are doing for work but also your perception of what work is.

What’s the difference between a person who is depressed and someone who is happy??
Nothing on a physical level it’s all about perception purely in the mind, and who is in control of your mind??

You are, so who’s fault is it for being in the current situation you re in???

It’s you

Let’s not blame ex girl friends or boyfriends or your parents for your current state of events years down the track, start taking responsibility for your actions but not only your actions but your thoughts and manifestations, what you focus on is what you will attract into your life, this is a universal rule. Get used to it.

Once you understand these rules you will know how to use them to your advantage. This is your playground and you create whatever you want to happen in your life of YOU, simply by focusing on it.

This means take action in life but don’t give away your energy to other people and things.
When you are thinking negatively about someone else not only are you harming them on a spiritual and physical level but you are lowering your own frequency, harming yourself and giving away your vital life force to negativity and fear.

Some ways we ca cultivate more vital life force by:
Mediation ( breathing in prana )
Eating high vibrational foods
Expanding our hearts
Getting sunshine
Making consciousness decisions
Taking action on earth  selflessly giving


So this all boils back to mind trickery, It’s the glass half full / half empty story.

Scenario: 2 humans with 2 different views

1. Ah looks like rain is coming, “spewing I hate rain” (glass half empty) negative

2. Ah looks like rain is coming , “Awesome my garden gets watered for free, maybe I’ll wash my car in the rain also”  (Glass half full) Positive

You can’t stop the rain its already raining (unless you are the government and decide to use HAARP and geo engineering) haha, so the outcome has already come into your reality all you can do is decide how you are going to deal with your reaction, you can give your energy away to it and ruin your day, weeks, years or just accept its raining smile and move on.

I know so many people who have had a break up and spent years of their lives being depressed and moping around, other friends who have lost loved one and ruined years of their lives, I’m sure your loved one would now want to see you depressed for the rest of your life. Remember this also they are not dead we are limitless, we live on.Stop dwelling in the past that’s (depression) / old energy. Also stop focusing on things that have not yet happened in the future ( that’s anxiety ) Its ok to manifest what ya want but don’t stress about  things that have not yet happened all we can do is be present in this moment.
Diet doesn’t start next week it starts today, there never is next week only NOW.

There is only NOW!!

Time is not linear it’s all happening now, the past the present and the future all resides in the now.

Try just adjusting a few things for example if you dislike driving to work each morning in traffic, down load a pod cast and learn something new each day you are diving to work, try kill 2 birds with 1 stone everywhere you go.  If traffic is that bad leave early and go to the gym and miss the traffic all together.  Simple adjustments for simple solutions.

If someone or something is not serving you maybe it’s time to remove that from your life or fix it, if you can’t fix it you should shift it. But don’t do nothing always keep moving forward, Energy flows where intention goes, If something is not moving it’s either dead or dying.

Don’t let old energy hang around, if something resists don’t persist. NO matter what you decide, you will be ok always remember that. Don’t stress on what could happen you will work it out and you will be ok. Life is good and you are amazing.

Empower yourself and empower others we are all in this world together we are totally inter connected in ways you will never truly know until you pass on. We only get 85 years here on earth don’t waste a single second being upset, depressed and not chasing your dreams. Start today whatever it is just take one step in the right direction and tell the universe exactly what you want literally shout it out aloud, speak to yourself turn that thought form from the ether into words (reality)  let your vocal cords send that vibration out into 3d life then back into your ears for your DNA to replicate over and over again millions of times and your higher self to receive the message, to then co-create synchronicities in your life for that thought to manifest and take place.
You are the creator of your own reality never ever forget that.

This is why group meditation is so important, if a bunch of likeminded people get together and focus on something with love and intention we can scue the course of reality. This is why the media promotes lies, hate, negativity and fear so we stay in the lower chakras and never move into the heart space. We live in a world of manufactured fear designed to make us question our every action.

Don’t fall for that rubbish, see through this bull crap and make your own decision. Listen to your higher self (intuition) that heart feeling, get to know your inner being and always asses every situation. Someone else’s truth is not your truth, so take what you feel is truth and make your own reality from each truth. Truth for someone yesterday maybe not be truth today. Everyone and everything is shifting and changing constantly. As goes the cycle of life.

Thank you to all the amazing people out there who each day are promoting love and happiness, togetherness who go out of their way to put the best out into the universe. The bloggers and journalist and people in the natural health industries saving lives, the people on Facebook and the internet standing strong, the legends who are out there in the real world making change, putting in time and effort. Don’t worry nothing you do now will ever be forgotten. Everything you do now is setting up your next existence and all the little things you do every day that people don’t see or know about are being smiled on from up above.  Your home coming celebration when you leave here will be grand.

You are doing so much good for the shifting of mother earth into the next dimension. Keep up the amazing work stay positive and trust that we are going to be ok. “Find the others” and never ever back down stay strong, be authentic and live your truth.

“You are the light focus on the light”

12376226_10153108890855938_5698141761460511165_nNeil Pascoe “Nate Max”

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