eco-friendly, weather resistant, inexpensive, and easy to assemble homes

These incredible homes look like something straight out of Lord of The Rings. They are eco-friendly, weather resistant, inexpensive, and easy to assemble. They can be constructed anywhere and have been tested to survive almost every climate.

These homes keep the temps cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It takes approximately three people and three days to construct one.

Can you imagine living under your garden, your flowers, your trees, in a green vibrant living landscape? All this is can be possible with existing Innovative Eco technology. These elegant arched structures are made of fiber reinforced polymer [could use hemp] modular components which are durable, flexible and waterproof. With endless #design possibilities, these structures can be assembled quickly and easily, with minimal cost to create a gracious living environment in #harmony with #nature.
Arable Houses covered with vegetables and fruit can provide food to their inhabitants. #Homes with optimization of arable spaces in minimum areas that provide food to its inhabitants throughout the year, suitable for all climates and adaptable to all soil types is the future. There are over 1.5 Billion people on our planet earth who get by on just $1 dollar a day wage. The people are not the problem, it is the system the people are in, while also missing their#ancient old wisdoms of #healing #nutrition & #spirit to a great degree. These #eco homes can cultivate strong community and leave not one unfed with #permaculture in mind.

A new concept of dwellings that convert all of the terrain into a 100% growing space that can accelerate its productivity through automated hydroponic irrigation. Bio-Climated Homes can save energy. Ideal for snowy climates and protected by the earth.
Imagine what a HUMANITARIAN WORLD can do for the poor in every part of the world.. We can build better eco friendly cities and transform the wrongs into the rights, only if we truly care enough to do it. With huge negativity daily against the Good, and massive debts both micro and macro, and oppressive brutal forces squashing any creative solution public think pools to #occupy, it will be a struggle, but thus is life.



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