Here is 170+ powerful awakening docos that helped me awaken share with you friends who are questioning everything atm

Hey beautiful people here some great doccs to get you started on your journey. Or you can send this to your loved one to spur on the awakening. This first video spirit science which has 60+ videos is great for all ages even kids.
Try watch one movie ever few days so you are always learning.

Spirit Science a good over view of many topics (great for children people new to awakening)
There is 30+ short videos and 20 other ones.

Zeitgeist, religion, media, big pharma, lies, truth

The federal reserve the biggest scam in history

Thrive What on earth Will it take?

Geo-Engineering Dane Wiggington

Fluoride the great culling

Food Inc

Seeds Of death GMO

Earthlings the meat indusrty

Prana Meditation, Ascension, health


The C02 Global warming Hoax


Mikes Beautiful Life

Cancer is curable now

Harald Kautz


Here is a link to another 170 awakneing Movies


Much Love “Nate Max”



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