New terrorism act to cripple the rights of UK Citizens (oppressive draconian laws)

Never in the #UK have we had secret courts. Today we do. If a citizen decides to take the #British government or any of its officials to court in cases of torture, rendition, or a whole host of other reasons, many nothing to do with terrorism or acts of #war, the government now has the ability to present evidence to the judge which the claimant, defendant, media and public will never be privy to.

Control Orders passed in the Terrorism Act 2006 meant anybody ‘suspected’ of terrorist related activities (a broad definition at best) by the Home Secretary, without any kind of trial, can be electronically tagged and monitored, restricted from using the #internet or making phone calls and have a passport revoked and be under a duty to report to the #police. They are effectively interned.

The Public Order Act seeks only to undermine the right to peaceful protest. The Serious and Organised Crime and Police Act grants a number of powers to police aimed at protesters. The result is that it is now impossible to protest outside Britain’s parliament without being arrested.

The streets of Britain is now home to 4 million CCTV cameras watching the every move of its citizens, more than in #China. Arrests as a direct result of #CCTV footage amounts to less than one per day.

Political dissent is being met with arrest as seen when a woman was apprehended for protesting against cuts to disability benefits. For that, she was convicted, received a criminal record and a fine under Public Order laws for shouting ‘Cameron has blood on his hands’ while the Prime Minister turned on the #Christmas lights in her town.

The government is acting as though a foreign invading force is marching towards our shores. There are now countless reports in the alternative media of threats to Britain’s democracy whilst the mainstream press regurgitates political propaganda on a scale not seen since the illegal invasion of Iraq by Blair and Bush.

There is a battle of supremacy going on in Syria involving the global super-powers. David Cameron has dragged the country into fighting its fourth war in a little over a decade which they now predict will last for years.


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